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Impact Analysis of
Covid-19 on
Global Eggshell Membrane Market

Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2023-2032

The global eggshell membrane market has generated revenue of $92.2 million in 2018 and is expected to cross $192.5 million by 2026, at a CAGR of 9.6%. The eggshell membrane (ESM) is the protein-rich membrane between the egg white and eggshell which has a key role in a variety of products, such as food, cosmetics, and fibers.

In 2019, the global eggshell membrane market has experienced significant growth. On the contrary, in 2020, the market is expected to see severe impact majorly because of the community transmission of Covid-19, across multiple economies. However, the global market will recover fast after the pandemic because of continuous improvement in research regarding eggshell membranes.


Pre COVID-19
Post COVID-19
Recovery By Realtime BPS *Estimated market Size, 2020,
**Real Time market Size, 2020,
10.1% 9.6% Q1/Q2 2022 46 USD 111.0 Million USD 83.3 Million

* The numbers are estimated prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020

** The data will vary depending on upcoming developments announced by the operating players



The substantial growth of the global eggshell membrane market is mainly driven by the high patient base of bone diseases and extensively rising demand for eggshell membrane as an ingredient in dietary supplements. As per data provided by NIH, more than 53 million people are suffering from osteoporosis or are at high risk due to low bone mass, in the U.S. This may create huge demand in the eggshell membrane market, during the forecast period. Also, the eggshell membrane is a natural, protective barrier, which contains multiple elements that are useful for health and wellbeing. In addition, this membrane contains glycosaminoglycans and proteins which are essential for maintaining the connective tissues and healthy joints. These factors may lead to bolster the growth of the global market. Eggshell membrane has huge importance to reduce the symptoms of joint pain such as osteoarthritis. The powder of the eggshell membrane consists of glucosamine, which is an effective, natural, and safe way to deal with joint pain. This product raises glucosamine levels in the body, which helps to strengthen the bones and joints.

However, the availability of alternative products such as animal proteins, plant-based proteins, and dairy-based proteins, are expected to create a negative impact on the global eggshell membrane industry. On the other hand, due to the major role of the eggshell membrane in cosmetics, it will experience huge demand in the global industries, over the analysis timeframe. ESM highly consists of elastin, hyaluronic acid, collagens, and keratine which helps in hydration and improves the elasticity of the skin. Furthermore, eggshell membrane powder is one of the highly effective anti-aging raw materials in the cosmetic industry. These elements may result in the growth of the global eggshell membrane market.



There has been a destructive impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on various businesses. This has hindered the production segment and also, disrupted the industrial supply chain. Governments across countries have issued a complete lockdown to reduce the spread of the virus. However, several industry players in this field are still operating, during this chaotic situation, to fulfill the demand of suppliers. For instance, Stratum Nutrition, a leading supplier of the innovative, commercialized eggshell membrane, has implemented essential measurements to assure the well-being of employees and protecting the ability to supply safe products during this pandemic.

In addition, though there is a total lockdown imposed in several developed and developing countries, various organizations operating in this field are continuing their research. For instance, in December 2019, Nutritional Fundamentals for Health Inc. conducted the largest study to date for the evaluation of natural egg membrane for grade 2 and 3 knee OA (osteoarthritis). These studies have proved that the natural egg membrane may help to cure the symptoms of stiffness and pain associated with osteoarthritis within 8–10 days. These key elements are projected to create huge demand for eggshell membrane, during the forecast period.



Furthermore, as per the recent publication of Research Dive, the global eggshell membrane market is expected to continue its substantial growth in the future years, post the COVID-19 crisis settles. Recovering from the massive layoff in the year 2020, the global eggshell membrane market will experience profitability by Q1/Q2 2022. The extensively rising emphasis on R&D and innovations, a significant shift of consumers towards the natural products, and versatility of eggshell membrane in pharmaceutical and beauty industries may offer stimulus to the global eggshell membrane market after the end of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Furthermore, enormous product and technology advances in this field for sustainable growth are also anticipated to bolster the eggshell membrane market growth, during the projected period. For instance, as per data published in the International Journal of Green Energy in February 2020, the egg-shell membrane (ESM) has a key role as a energy soure for the green-energy-based triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG). In addition, according to a research conducted by the group of researchers at Tsinghua-Foxconn Nanotechnology Research Center and Department of Physics in January 2020, egg shell membrane also has huge significance in the energy Harvesting and Storage by Water Infiltration. These potentialities of the eggshell membrane may create massive opportunities in the global market, after the COVID-19 pandemic is contained.

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