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Restaurant Point Of Sale Solutions Market Report


Restaurant Point of Sale Solutions Market by Product Type (Fixed POS and Mobile POS), Component (Hardware, Software, and Services), Deployment Mode (Cloud and On-Premise), End-user (Full-Service Restaurant (FSR), Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), Institutional, and Others), and Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA): Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2023-2032


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Oct 2023

Restaurant Point of Sale Solutions Overview

The restaurant point of sale (POS) solutions market refers to the market for program and hardware solutions particularly planned to oversee and streamline operations in the restaurant industry. The market has seen relentless development due to the increased adoption of innovation within the food service sector. A restaurant POS system offers functions such as arrange taking, instalment handling, stock administration, table administration, menu customization, staff administration, and detailing. These arrangements offer assistance to restaurants to increase productivity, improve client encounters, and manage operations. The market is exceedingly competitive with distinctive providers advertising customized items for diverse sorts of restaurants.


Global Restaurant Point of Sale Solutions Market Analysis

The global restaurant point of sale solutions market size was $XX million in 2022 and is predicted to grow with a CAGR of XX%, by generating a revenue of $XX million by 2032.

COVID-19 Impact on Global Restaurant Point of Sale Solutions Market

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the global restaurant point of sale  solutions market. The demand for POS solutions declined as restaurants faced closures and limited the operations during lockdowns. However, there was a shift towards online ordering and delivery services, leading to an increased demand for POS systems that could facilitate these transactions. Restaurants also focused on hygiene and safety, adapting their POS systems to support contactless payments and digital menus. Inventory management became a challenge due to disruptions in the supply chain, prompting the need for enhanced POS solutions. As the industry recovered, cloud-based POS systems gained popularity for their scalability and cost-efficiency. The market saw consolidation and innovation, with some providers exiting and others introducing new features and functionalities. Despite the initial impact, POS systems continue to play a vital role in helping restaurants streamline operations and adapt to the changing landscape of the food service industry.

Increasing Demand for Efficient and Streamlined Operations to Drive the Market Growth

The market for point-of-sale solutions for restaurants is driven by a variety of factors. First, the hospitality industry has increased the demand for efficient and optimized processes. POS solutions offer features such as order management, inventory tracking, and reporting capabilities that enable restaurants to effectively manage their operations. Second, the cloud-based POS system is gaining popularity due to its flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. These solutions provide real-time data access and seamless integration with other business tools. Additionally, the growing need for data analytics and business insights has increased the popularity of POS solutions. By analyzing sales patterns and customer preferences, restaurants can make informed decisions and optimize menu offerings and pricing strategies. Additionally, consumer demand for personalized experiences has driven the integration of POS solutions with customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, enabling restaurants to offer personalized recommendations and targeted marketing campaigns.  Integration with third-party delivery platforms is also a key component, allowing restaurants to manage orders across multiple channels and improve customer satisfaction.

High Initial Investment to Restrain the Market Growth  

The growth of the restaurant point of sale solutions market can be hampered by various factors. First, deploying a POS system requires a large initial investment, which can be difficult, especially for smaller or budget-constrained restaurants. Integrating a new POS system into an existing system can also be complex and time-consuming, leading to business disruption and additional costs. Additionally, restaurant owners and employees who are either unaware of the benefits of POS solutions or prefer traditional manual techniques can hamper their adoption. Complex systems and a lack of easy-to-use interfaces can further slowdown the employee training and onboarding process. Ongoing maintenance, support, and security costs will  also hinder the market, as restaurants must invest to maintain their systems up to date and protect client data. Additionally, the restaurant industry has specific needs that all POS solutions may not adequately address, such as integrated table management and kitchen display;this limits the adoption of these solutions. Market saturation and intense competition among vendors are also hindering the growth of the global restaurant point of sale solutions market.

Increasing Demand for Automation to Drive Excellent Opportunities

The restaurant point of sale solutions market has several opportunities for growth and expansion. The growing need for automation in restaurant operations has boosted the demand for streamlined POS solution that can improve efficiency and accuracy. Integration with online ordering and delivery platforms presents a huge opportunity, allowing restaurants to manage online orders, track shipments, and sync inventory seamlessly. Mobile POS solutions are growing in popularity, offering employees the flexibility to take orders at the table and process payments on the spot. Collecting valuable data through your POS system enables data analysis and reporting, providing insight into customer behavior and enabling informed business decisions. Cloud-based POS solutions are becoming more and more prevalent. They give easy access to information, reduce foundation costs, and streamline software upgrades. Integration with various payment systems enables convenient and fast transactions while keeping pace with evolving payment technologies. Customizable and scalable solutions meet the unique needs of different restaurants, giving them the flexibility to adapt and grow.

Global Restaurant Point of Sale Solutions Market Share, by Product Type, 2022

The fixed POS sub-segment accounted for the highest market share in 2022. Fixed POS systems have dominated the hospitality point-of-sale (POS) market for many years. They have built a strong presence in the industry due to their reliability, robust features and name recognition. With comprehensive restaurant-specific features such as menu management, order processing, inventory tracking, and reporting, fixed POS systems in brick-and-mortar locations have proven effective in streamlining operations and improving customer service. These solutions also offer seamless integration with other leading restaurant technologies such as kitchen display systems and online ordering platforms. Additionally, its durability and proven stability make it a reliable choice in demanding restaurant environments.

Global Restaurant Point of Sale Solutions Market Share, by Component, 2022

The hardware sub-segment accounted for the highest market share in 2022. Hardware has dominated the restaurant point-of-sale solution market due to its robust and specialized devices, seamless integration, high performance, and speed. Manufacturers have developed hardware components such as touchscreen terminals, barcode scanners and receipt printers to meet the unique needs of restaurants. Compatibility between different POS components ensures efficient communication and data exchange. Powerful processors, ample memory, and high-speed connectivity options allow orders and trades to be processed quickly, improving operational efficiency. Additionally, mobile POS solutions in the form of tablets and smartphones offer flexibility for table ordering and payment processing. Security is also enhanced with chip-enabled card readers, encryption technology, and biometric authentication.

Global Restaurant Point of Sale Solutions Market Share, by Deployment Mode, 2022

The cloud sub-segment accounted for the highest market share in 2022. The dominance of cloud-based solutions in the restaurant point of sale market can be credited to a few key components. First, the cloud offers a cost-effective elective to conventional on-premises infrastructure, killing the requirement for costly servers and nearby information capacity. This reasonable cost makes it accessible in a wide range of restaurants.  Cloud-based POS platform will be more accessible and portable, allowing restaurant owners and managers to access and manage their operations from any internet-connected device. This adaptability improves the efficiency and effectiveness of day-to-day operations. Moreover, the cloud arrangement gives strong information security measures and dependable reinforcements to guarantee the security and judgement of restaurant information. Real-time overhauls and adaptability of the cloud empowers consistent administration over numerous areas to bolster commerce growth.

Global Restaurant Point of Sale Solutions Market Share, by End-user, 2022

The full-service restaurant (FSR) accounted for the highest market share in 2022. Full-service point-of-sale (POS) solutions for restaurants have become a major player in the restaurant industry. These comprehensive systems are popular for their features that streamline operations and improve efficiency. Full-service POS solutions automate tasks such as order management, table management, inventory management, staffing, and payment processing, enabling restaurant staff to serve customers more efficiently and reduce wait times.  The adaptability and scalability of these systems allow them to adapt to different types of restaurants to meet their specific needs, and their integration capabilities enable seamless data flow between different management systems. Robust reporting and analytics provide valuable insight into sales, inventory levels, employee performance and customer behavior, enabling informed decision-making and operational optimization. Additionally, full-service POS solutions often include features that improve the overall customer experience, such as order and pay at the table, split checks, digital menus, and integration with online ordering platforms. As the restaurant POS market continues to evolve, full-service solutions have proven their worth by meeting the industry's complex needs and contributing to the industry's overall success.

Global Restaurant Point of Sale Solutions Market Size & Forecast, by Region, 2022

The North America restaurant point of sale solutions market generated the highest revenue in 2022. North America has dominated the restaurant point of sale (POS) solutions market due to several factors. The region has witnessed technological advancement in its POS industry and boasts a well-developed IT infrastructure and a thriving technology ecosystem. This facilitated the rapid implementation of his advanced POS solution, customized specifically for restaurants. Additionally, North America has a large market with a diverse range of restaurants, offering many opportunities for POS solution providers. The early introduction of POS system in this region compared to others has given the North American vendor a competitive advantage. Additionally, North American consumers have high expectations for their dining experience, driving demand for efficient, accurate, and personalized service through POS systems. The region also benefits from a strong supporting infrastructure that includes resellers, consultants, and service providers specializing in restaurant POS solutions. Additionally, the North American restaurant recognizes the value of data analytics and is focusing on its POS solution with advanced analytics capabilities.

Competitive Scenario in the Global Restaurant Point of Sale Solutions Market Investment and acquisition are common strategies followed by major market players. Some of the leading restaurant point of sale solutions market players are Bepoz America LLC, Clover Network, Inc., Harbortouch, Helcim Inc., Ingenico, Lavu, Inc., Lightspeed, NCR Corporation, Oracle, PAX Technology, Revel Systems, Square, Inc., Squirrel Systems, Toast, Inc., and Touch Bistro.



Historical Market Estimations


Base Year for Market Estimation


Forecast Timeline for Market Projection


Geographical Scope

North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA

Segmentation by Product Type

  • Fixed POS
  • Mobile POS

Segmentation by Component

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Services


Segmentation by Deployment Mode



  • Cloud
  • On-Premise

Segmentation by End-user


  • Full-Service Restaurant (FSR)
  • Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)
  • Institutional
  • Others

Key Companies Profiled

  • Bepoz America LLC
  • Clover Network, Inc.
  • Harbortouch
  • Helcim Inc.
  • Ingenico
  • Lavu, Inc.
  • Lightspeed
  • NCR Corporation
  • Oracle
  • PAX Technology
  • Revel Systems
  • Square, Inc.
  • Squirrel Systems
  • Toast, Inc.
  • Touch Bistro


Frequently Asked Questions

A. The size of the global restaurant point of sale solutions market was over $XX million in 2022 and is projected to reach $XX million by 2032.

A. Oracle and PAX Technology are some of the key players in the global restaurant point of sale solutions market.

A. The North America region possesses great investment opportunities for investors to witness the most promising growth in the future.

A. North America restaurant point of sale solutions market is anticipated to grow at XX% CAGR during the forecast period.

A. Agreement and acquisition are the two key strategies opted by the operating companies in this market.

A. Revel Systems, Square, Inc., Squirrel Systems, Toast, Inc., and Touch Bistro are the companies investing more on R&D activities for developing new products and technologies.

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