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MRO Distribution Market Report


MRO Distribution Market by Type (Electrical Items, Pipes, Valves, Machine Consumables, Valves & Fittings, Packaging Supplies, and Bearings & Power Transmission), Application (Food & Beverages, Wood & Paper, Machinery & Equipment, Mining, Footwear & Apparel, Metals, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Rubber, Electronics, and Others), and Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA): Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2023-2032


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Oct 2023

MRO Distribution Overview

The market for the acquisition, distribution, and administration of various goods and services needed for the upkeep and operation of infrastructure, machinery, and industrial facilities is known as the MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) distribution market. A wide number of industries, including manufacturing, building, energy, transportation, etc., are included in this market. Companies that specialize in the MRO distribution industry source and supply a wide variety of goods, including consumables, safety gear, tools, machinery parts, spare parts, and maintenance supplies. They serve as a middleman between producers, suppliers, and consumers, making sure that necessities are delivered on time to enable continuous operations and effective maintenance procedures.

There are several businesses seeking market share in the fiercely competitive MRO distribution sector. Product availability, pricing competitiveness, product variety, customer service, and the capacity to adjust to shifting market demands are important market dynamics-influencing elements. Additionally, the market has been considerably impacted by technological developments like emergence of e-commerce platforms, growth in digitization, and automation, etc., which have made it possible for sourcing, ordering, and delivery procedures to be more effective. Overall, the MRO distribution market plays a crucial role in the supply chain, thus ensuring a dependable and accessible source of the important goods and services required for maintenance, repair, and operations activities.

Global MRO Distribution Market Analysis

The global MRO distribution market size was $674.6 billion in 2022 and is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 2.8%, by generating a revenue of $884.3 billion by 2032.

COVID-19 Impact on Global MRO Distribution Market

The maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) distribution industry is one of the areas that has undergone substantial changes because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  There was a shortage of raw materials, component parts, and finished goods as a result of the pandemic's disruption of global supply lines. Significant difficulties were faced by MRO distributors due to this scarcity caused by facility closures and decreased manufacturing capacities. Additionally, the effective distribution of MRO goods was hampered by the travel restrictions and social segregation policies put in place to stop the virus's spread.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also hastened the market for MRO distribution's digital transition. Companies are increasingly sourcing MRO products from e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces due to travel restrictions and absence of in-person connections. MRO distributors have been compelled by this transition to digital channels to make technology investments and modify their business models in order to satisfy their clients' shifting expectations.  Thus, the dynamics of the market have been shaped by supply chain disruptions, declining demand, financial restrictions, and the acceleration of digital change. In order to secure their resilience and continued expansion in the post-pandemic environment, MRO distributors have had to manage these difficulties, reevaluate their approaches and embrace technology.

Growing Demand for Remote Collaboration to Drive the Market Growth

The market for products and services required for the maintenance, repair, and operations of numerous industries, including manufacturing, construction, and healthcare, is known as the MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) distribution industry. These goods include everything from cleaning supplies and safety equipment to tools, machinery, and spare components. MRO distribution has typically been carried out through brick-and-mortar establishments or catalogues, with customers visiting the location to make purchases or place orders. The operation of MRO distribution has, however, undergone a substantial change recently, as a result of the rising demand for digital solutions and remote collaboration. The adoption of online platforms and digital solutions in the MRO industry has been prompted by the rise of remote work culture and the growing requirement for effective supply chain management.

The benefits of remote collaboration are what are driving the market growth in MRO distribution. Businesses can make purchases from the convenience of their offices or other remote locations, access a greater selection of products, and compare costs and product details thanks to digital platforms. Real-time communication and coordination between suppliers and customers are made possible via remote cooperation, leading to quicker order processing and delivery. Additionally, remote collaboration improves the productivity and general effectiveness of MRO operations as businesses can save time and resources by avoiding the need for physical trips to storefronts or warehouses. This allows them to concentrate on their primary business, while leaving the MRO procurement to digital platforms. This comfort and flexibility help to increase operational effectiveness and reduce costs.

Security Concerns to Restrain the Market Growth

Although the MRO distribution sector has experienced rapid growth in recent years, a number of security issues might potentially limit its ability to grow any further. Increasing possibility of cyberattacks is one of the main security issues faced by the MRO distribution business. MRO distributors handle and store sensitive data, including financial records, supply chain information, and client information. Hence, as industries become more digitized and dependent on connected technologies for their operations, the risk of cyber-attacks and data theft increases substantially. A sophisticated cyber assault could, thus, compromise vital data, disrupt business operations, and erode customer confidence, resulting in financial losses and reputational harm.

The possibility of counterfeit goods in the MRO distribution industry is another security worry. False goods not only offer serious dangers to the effectiveness and dependability of maintenance and repair procedures, but also have the potential to endanger both worker safety and structural integrity of industrial machinery. To reduce the possibility of having fake products contaminate their inventory, MRO distributors must implement stringent supply chain management and quality control procedures. Nevertheless, despite these initiatives, counterfeiters continue to look for ways to attack weak points, thereby posing safety risks and legal liabilities. MRO distributors must put a high priority on cybersecurity measures, adopt strict quality control procedures, invest in physical security infrastructure, and keep up with geopolitical events to handle these security issues and maintain market growth. MRO distributors can strengthen their security posture by working with industry groups, regulatory agencies, and technology providers and ensure the market is operating safely and effectively.

Advancements in Technology to Drive Excellent Opportunities

 Recent technological developments have become a major force behind great prospects in the MRO distribution business. The growing use of automation and digitization in MRO procedures has been a key development. The manner in which maintenance and repair tasks are carried out is changing because of technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and data analytics. IoT-enabled sensors and devices can track real-time data, anticipate maintenance needs, and monitor the health of equipment, enabling proactive and effective maintenance practices. Huge amounts of data can be analyzed by AI systems to find patterns, improve inventory control, and speed up procurement procedures. These technical developments have thus increased the overall equipment efficacy  and improved operational efficiency. In addition, the development of e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces has changed the nature of MRO distribution. Traditional brick-and-mortar vendors are now growing their online presence, giving clients simple and easy options to buy MRO goods. Online platforms enable organizations to source the necessary goods swiftly and effectively by providing comprehensive product catalogues, competitive pricing, and streamlined procurement procedures. Additionally, digital platforms make it simple to compare products and suppliers, promoting cost savings and enabling well-informed decision-making.

Global MRO Distribution Market Share, by Type, 2022

The machine consumables sub-segment accounted for the highest market share in 2022. The machine consumables segment includes a group of goods necessary for the ongoing upkeep and functioning of machinery and equipment across a range of industries. To guarantee the efficient operation and durability of equipment, these consumables must be often used and replaced. Machine consumables include lubricants, oils, filters, belts, seals, gaskets, bearings, fasteners, adhesives, cutting tools, and other parts required for a machine to operate effectively and dependably. They are frequently used in factories, warehouses, workplaces, building sites, and other locations that make use of machinery and equipment. The need to avoid failures, reduce downtime, and maximize machine effectiveness drives the market for machine consumables. These items are essential for routine inspections, replacements, and maintenance tasks that avoid potential breakdowns and guarantee the continuing running of machinery.  A large variety of machine consumables from various manufacturers may be offered by MRO distributors, allowing customers to select the best alternatives for their unique equipment and applications. Thus, the wide range of applicability of machine consumables has increased their demand in the MRO distribution industry.

Global MRO Distribution Market Share, by Application, 2022

The machinery & equipment sub-segment accounted for the highest market share in 2022. The maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) distribution market's machinery and equipment segment refers to a certain class of goods and services that meet the requirements for various pieces of industrial machinery and equipment. This market covers a broad range of goods and services intended to assist with the efficient operation, maintenance, and performance enhancement of machinery and equipment across industries. The machinery and equipment section of the MRO distribution market offers a wide range of products, including spare parts, accessories, equipment, and consumables required for maintenance, repair, and operation tasks. These might include things like hydraulic and pneumatic machinery, bearings, belts, filters, lubricants, fasteners, valves, pumps, and much more. The manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, mining, transportation, and many other sectors that largely rely on machinery and equipment for their operations are among those that the machinery and equipment segment serves in the MRO distribution market. This market sector assists companies in ensuring the dependability, durability, and effectiveness of their machinery and equipment, ultimately resulting in increased productivity and less downtime. Overall, the MRO distribution market's machinery and equipment segment includes a wide range of goods and services made to meet the needs of industrial machinery and equipment in terms of maintenance, repair, and operation. This helps ensure the longevity and efficient operation of vital assets across various industries.

Global MRO Distribution Market Share, by Region, 2022

The Europe region MRO distribution market generated the highest revenue in 2022. The distribution business for Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) items is heavily reliant on the Europe region.  The spare parts, tools, equipment, consumables, and various supplies needed for maintenance, repair, and operating activities are just a few of the products that are included in the extensive range of products available in the European MRO distribution market.

 The MRO distribution market in Europe is distinguished by its broad geographic coverage, variety of industries, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Numerous industrial sectors including automotive, aerospace, energy, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and construction industries have a huge demand for MRO goods to maintain the efficiency and dependability of their operations. These elements influence the MRO distribution market in Europe.

The availability of high-quality MRO goods that adhere to industry standards is essential given the region's strong emphasis on quality and compliance norms. Secondly, there is a constant need for MRO components and replacement parts due to Europe's strong manufacturing industry and the existence of significant original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Further enhancing the need for MRO goods that provide a safe working environment is the implementation of strict health and safety requirements.  Furthermore, the development and vitality of this market in the region are facilitated by Europe's robust industrial base, strict quality standards, well-established distribution networks, and technological breakthroughs.

Competitive Scenario in the Global MRO Distribution Market

Investment and agreement are common strategies followed by major market players. November 2022, Sanad, a global provider of aerospace and industrial services, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Indonesia's GMF, the country's aircraft maintenance company, to establish an MRO center in Indonesia.

Some of the leading MRO distribution market players are Cromwell Group, WABCO, Lindberg & Lund AS, ABB Group, Ascendum, Rohde & Schwarz, Graco, Inc., Valeo Services UK Ltd., Mento AS, and Schneider Electric



Historical Market Estimations


Base Year for Market Estimation


Forecast Timeline for Market Projection


Geographical Scope

North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA

Segmentation by Type

  • Electrical Items             
  • Pipes          
  • Valves                 
  • Machine Consumables
  • Valves & Fittings           
  • Packaging Supplies                   
  • Bearings & Power Transmission

Segmentation by Application

  • Food & Beverages          
  • Wood & Paper                
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Mining                 
  • Footwear & Apparel                  
  • Metals                 
  • Chemicals            
  • Pharmaceuticals            
  • Rubber                
  • Electronics
  • Others

Key Companies Profiled

  • Cromwell Group
  • Lindberg & Lund AS
  • ABB Group
  • Ascendum
  • Rohde & Schwarz
  • Graco, Inc.
  • Valeo Services UK Ltd.
  • Mento AS
  • Schneider Electric


Frequently Asked Questions

A. The size of the global MRO distribution market was over $674.6 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $884.3 billion by 2032.

A. Cromwell Group, WABCO, Lindberg & Lund AS, ABB Group, Ascendum, Rohde & Schwarz are some of the key players in the global MRO distribution market.

A. The Europe region possesses great investment opportunities for investors to witness the most promising growth in the future.

A. Agreement and investment are the two key strategies opted by the operating companies in this market.

A. Cromwell Group, WABCO, Lindberg & Lund AS, ABB Group, Ascendum, Rohde & Schwarz are the companies investing more in R&D activities for developing new products and technologies.

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