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Medical Adhesive Tapes Market Report


Medical Adhesive Tapes Market by Type (Acrylic, Silicone, and Rubber), Adhesion (Single Coated and Double Coated), Application (Surgery, Wound Dressing, IV Lines, and Others), End-Use (Hospitals, Biotech & Pharma Companies, Diagnostic Labs, and Academic & Research Institutes), and Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA): Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2023-2032


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Oct 2023

Medical Adhesive Tapes Overview

Medical adhesive tapes are essential equipment in the field of healthcare. These tapes are used for a variety of applications, including wound dressing and securing medical devices, as well as providing support for injured joints. They are designed to cling tightly to the skin while remaining mild enough to be removed without causing patients injury or discomfort. Medical adhesive tapes are available in a variety of materials, including cloth, paper, plastic, and foam, and are frequently infused with hypoallergenic ingredients to reduce the risk of skin irritation. Their adaptability and dependability make them crucial components of any medical facility, ensuring that patients receive the care they require in the most comfortable and safe environment possible.


Global Medical Adhesive Tapes Market Analysis

The global medical adhesive tapes market size was $762.2 million in 2022 and is predicted to grow with a CAGR of 5.5%, by generating a revenue of $1,294.9 million by 2032.


COVID-19 Impact on Global Medical Adhesive Tapes Market

The emergence of Covid-19 significantly influenced the market for medical adhesive tapes. As healthcare institutions around the world dealt with an increase in COVID-19 cases, demand for medical adhesive tapes skyrocketed. These tapes are vital in the treatment and safety of both COVID-19 patients and healthcare professionals, as they secure medical devices, wound dressings, and protective equipment. The pandemic not only increased demand but also interrupted supply lines, resulting in temporary shortages. Furthermore, the demand for novel and specialised adhesive tapes for applications like as quick COVID-19 testing and vaccination distribution fuelled market expansion. As a result of the pandemic's substantial impact on the healthcare industry, the global medical adhesive tapes market experienced dynamic adjustments in demand, production, and product development.


Advantages and Versatile Applications of Medical Adhesive Tapes in Healthcare Settings to Drive the Market Growth

Medical adhesive tapes play an important part in modern healthcare settings, providing a plethora of benefits and various applications that fuel market growth. To begin with, these tapes offer a secure and flexible method of wound closure and surgical site management, lowering the risk of infection and promoting quicker healing. They are excellent for a wide spectrum of patients, including those with sensitive skin, due to their hypoallergenic and skin-friendly qualities. Furthermore, medical adhesive tapes are extremely useful in attaching medical devices and dressings, assuring stability and avoiding difficulties. They are used in orthopaedic applications for support and immobilisation, as well as in the production of customised splints, in addition to wound treatment. The flexibility of their use extends to non-clinical applications such as sports medicine and first aid. Medical adhesive tapes are anticipated to remain their vital position in healthcare, driving additional market expansion, thanks to ongoing technological discoveries and advancements.


 High Government Regulations and Standards of the Healthcare Industry to Restrain the Market Growth

Several factors limit the medical adhesive tapes market's growth. To begin, the healthcare industry's high regulatory regulations and standards can stymie market progress because producers must verify compliance with complex criteria. Furthermore, as substitute wound closure methods gain popularity, the market for traditional adhesive tapes falls. Furthermore, the increasing popularity of advanced wound care products like hydrocolloid dressings and bioactive wound dressings may limit the expansion of adhesive tape market. Economic restraints, as well as cost-conscious healthcare systems, influence purchase decisions, thus limiting market expansion. Finally, patient worries about skin sensitivity and allergies may increase demand for hypoallergenic alternatives, impacting the acceptance of traditional medical adhesive tapes.


Advancements in Medical Adhesive Tapes to Drive Excellent Opportunities for Future

The medical adhesive tapes market is expected to expand significantly in the future years. Several factors contribute to these opportunities. For instance, the world's ageing population is increasing demand for medical operations and wound care, where adhesive tapes play an important role. In addition, advances in adhesive technology are enabling the production of more efficient and skin-friendly tapes, broadening their uses in a variety of medical sectors. Furthermore, as people become more conscious of infection control procedures in hospital settings, the use of sterile adhesive tapes is increasing. Furthermore, the rise of telehealth services is opening potential for remote wound care treatment, which is increasing demand for medical adhesive tapes. With these variables in play, the medical adhesive tapes market is expected to rise steadily in the coming years.

Global Medical Adhesive Tapes Market, by Type, 2022

The acrylic sub-segment accounted for the highest market share in 2022. Acrylic-based medical adhesive tapes have emerged as the dominant choice in the medical field due to their exceptional properties. These tapes exhibit remarkable adhesive strength and durability, ensuring secure and reliable attachment in various healthcare applications. Their ability to adhere effectively to the skin, even in challenging conditions, such as moisture or movement, is a key advantage. Moreover, acrylic tapes offer a delicate balance between adhesion and gentle removal. They minimize trauma to the skin upon removal, reducing patient discomfort and the risk of skin damage. This attribute is especially significant for patients with sensitive or fragile skin. The versatility of acrylic tapes is evident in their compatibility with various surfaces, including medical devices and different types of dressings. This adaptability further contributes to their dominance in medical adhesive tapes market.

Global Medical Adhesive Tapes Market, by Adhesion, 2022

The double coated sub-segment accounted for the highest market share in 2022. The prevailing adhesion mechanism in medical adhesive tapes is the double-coated adhesion, primarily due to its superior functionality and reliability. This adhesion type involves two distinct layers: the adhesive layer that sticks to the skin and the carrier layer that supports and reinforces the adhesive. Such a configuration offers remarkable advantages over single-layer adhesion. The adhesive layer, typically made of a biocompatible material, ensures a secure bond to the skin without causing irritation or damage. Meanwhile, the carrier layer contributes structural integrity and facilitates easy handling during application. This combination of layers optimizes the tape's performance, enabling it to adhere firmly to complex surfaces and stay in place despite various movements and conditions. Moreover, this double coated adhesion mechanism allows for efficient customization. Different adhesives and carriers can be combined based on specific medical needs, ensuring the best outcome for various scenarios. Consequently, double-coated adhesion has become the dominant choice in medical adhesive tapes due to its ability to balance adhesion strength, comfort, and versatility, ultimately promoting better patient care and recovery.


Global Medical Adhesive Tapes Market, by Application, 2022

The surgery sub-segment accounted for the highest market share in 2022. Surgery stands as the prevailing domain for medical adhesive tapes due to their multifaceted utility, where they offer unparalleled support, protection, and wound management. These tapes exhibit exceptional adherence to the skin while avoiding damage or discomfort, ensuring a secure fixation of dressings, sutures, or medical devices. Their pliability and flexibility are pivotal, tailoring well to body contours and facilitating a comfortable healing process. Such tapes provide an impermeable barrier, thwarting infection risks. Additionally, medical adhesive tapes act as a pivotal aid in reducing tension on incisions and stitches, thereby enhancing wound closure. Their non-invasive nature and ease of application make them a practical choice for various surgical settings, reducing procedure time and patient discomfort. Moreover, their compatibility with different skin types and hypoallergenic variants diminishes adverse reactions, expanding their application horizon. While other medical scenarios involve adhesive tapes, surgery emerges as the quintessential application due to its stringent requirements for secure, yet gentle, wound closure and management.

Global Medical Adhesive Tapes Market, by End-use, 2022

The hospitals sub-segment accounted for the highest market share in 2022. Hospitals have emerged as the primary consumers of medical adhesive tapes due to a confluence of factors that reflect their essential role in healthcare. Firstly, the demanding and critical nature of medical procedures necessitates secure and reliable wound closure and support, which medical adhesive tapes provide. Their use spans from surgical incisions to wound dressings, where dependable adhesion is crucial for patient safety. Secondly, hospitals serve as central hubs for medical treatment, catering to diverse patient needs. This diversity requires a wide range of adhesive tape types tailored to specific applications, such as sensitive skin, varying anatomical locations, and different levels of tension. This adaptability positions hospitals as key purchasers, benefiting from a comprehensive selection to match their versatile requirements. Furthermore, the regulatory environment in the medical field underscores the importance of quality and safety. Hospitals prioritize adherence to guidelines and standards, prompting them to choose established adhesive tape suppliers known for compliance and reliability.

Global Medical Adhesive Tapes Market Share, by Region, 2022

The North America medical adhesive tapes market generated the highest market share in 2022. North America has emerged as the primary hub for the utilization of medical adhesive tapes due to a confluence of factors. Foremost, the region boasts advanced healthcare infrastructure and research capabilities, fostering a climate conducive to innovation and adoption of novel medical technologies. Such progress has cultivated an environment wherein medical adhesive tapes, vital for wound care, surgical procedures, and device attachment, find prolific use. The region's robust regulatory framework ensures the safety and efficacy of medical products, further bolstering the trust in adhesive tapes among healthcare professionals. The availability of diverse tape options, tailored for varying medical needs, contributes to their widespread application in North American healthcare settings. Moreover, a culture of proactive patient care underscores the significance of efficient wound management, spurring the demand for adhesive tapes that facilitate aseptic and swift healing. Clinicians' emphasis on infection prevention and patient comfort propels the preference for high-quality tapes meeting stringent standards. 

Competitive Scenario in the Global Medical Adhesive Tapes Market

Investment and agreement are common strategies followed by major market players. Some of the leading medical adhesive tapes market players are Smith & Nephew, 3M, Medline Industries, LP, Paul Hartmann AG, Cardinal Health, Baxter International, Johnson & Johnson, Nitto Denko Corporation, Nichiban, Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG.



Historical Market Estimations


Base Year for Market Estimation


Forecast Timeline for Market Projection


Geographical Scope

North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA

Segmentation by Type

  • Acrylic
  • Silicone
  • Rubber

Segmentation by Adhesion

  • Single Coated
  • Double Coated

Segmentation by Application

  • Surgery
  • Wound Dressing
  • IV Lines
  • Others

Segmentation by End-use

  • Hospitals
  • Specialty Clinics
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  • Others

Key Companies Profiled

  • Smith & Nephew
  • 3M
  • Medline Industries, LP
  • Paul Hartmann AG
  • Cardinal Health
  • Baxter International
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Nitto Denko Corporation
  • Nichiban
  • Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG


Frequently Asked Questions

A. The size of the global medical adhesive tapes market was over $762.2 million in 2022 and is projected to reach $1,294.9 million by 2032.

A. Smith & Nephew, 3M, Medline Industries, LP, Paul Hartmann AG, Cardinal Health, and Baxter International are the major companies in the medical adhesive tapes market.

A. Agreement and investment are the two key strategies opted by the operating companies in this market.

A. Johnson & Johnson, Nitto Denko Corporation, Nichiban, and Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG. are investing more on R&D practices.

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