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Food Safety Testing Market Report


Food Safety Testing Market by Technology (Traditional, Rapid), Types (Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Dairy, Cereal, Grain, Pulse and Processed food), Technology (Rapid and Traditional Technology), Contamination (Pathogen, Chemical, Toxin and Others), Region Analysis (Europe, North America, Asia- Pacific, LAMEA), Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2019-2026


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Jan 2023

The food safety testing market will witness a change mainly because of a large amount of food production, rising outbreaks of foodborne diseases, stringent regulations made by the government regarding food safety, and accelerating technological advances in the food industry.

Food Safety Testing Market Analysis:

Food testing is a process, which ensures the quality of ingredients in the food products. It assures or protects consumers from frauds with respect to food, which has become very a common practice nowadays among manufacturers. Food testing plays an essential role in determining and ensuring the production of safe-to-consume food. In order to be competitive in the market, all market players in the food industry must take inspection into consideration and certify the good quality to safeguard public health.

Increasing consumer awareness for food safety is expected to drive the global food safety testing market

Consumers play an essential role in the food market. To determine the quality and safety procedures of food products, consumers must be educated and made aware of all the norms and parameters through which they can justify the quality of products such as labeling, claims, and nutritional facts. In addition, along with quality, consumers need to educate themselves in respect of food-related issues as well which includes various contaminants, allergens, physiological reactions due to toxins, and the effects of processed and stored food on the body. The increase in penetration of population and growing consumer awareness from various sources such as media, government regulations and others keep the safety of food on priority. All these factors are likely to boost the food safety testing market in the near future.

Long distribution food chain is one of the major factors restraining the market growth

The world’s increasing population and the consumers' desire for ready-to-eat food have resulted in a longer and more complex food chain. Today, foods are reaching consumers after being collected from various areas such as fields, farms and factories and then passed onto many countries, traveling distances of thousands of kilometers. With this distribution, an infection can occur at any point within the food chain, which has the potential of affecting large number of consumers. Hence, safety measures need to be enhanced in many countries. 

Emergence of new techniques in food testing safety industry have created opportunities in the market

The new techniques like Bio-Electric Tongue which uses its eclectic tongue to test food has been invented by manufacturers to develop and maintain the safety in food, which offers a lucrative opportunity to food testing in the market. For example, there are new techniques like plasma treatment to kill the salmonella family of microorganisms on poultry eggs that cause food borne diseases; the technique decontaminates the surface of the eggs without destroying the quality of eggs. Also, the irradiated-food technique, using radiant energy to kill pathogens is proving an opportunity in to sustain the food in this quarantine period.

Food Safety Testing Market by Type

Meat, poultry, and seafood will be lucrative till 2026

Meat, poultry, seafood type will be gaining popularity in the coming years as these food products get easily contaminated and can simply be observed during processing and packaging. Its freshness, texture, smell and look are checked on continuous basis. Other types are dairy, cereal, grain, pulse and processed food.

Food Safety Testing Market by Technology

Rapid technology will register a prominent growth in the market till 2026

Rapid technology which involves modernization of techniques is projected to have the highest CAGR during the forecast period owing to rising incidences of food borne diseases. In addition, rapid technology is designed for detection and identification of microorganisms faster and in a more convenient, sensitive, and specific manner. In the coming years this technology is going to have a vast growth in the market. The other technology used is traditional technology.

Food Safety Testing Market by Contamination

Pathogen is the most lucrative segment in food safety testing market

The pathogens segment is expected to contribute considerably, in terms of revenue, to the food safety testing market during the forecast period owing to ongoing developments in technology. The food industry is transforming from the conventional food testing patterns to new techniques across regions. With the increase in food contamination and foodborne illnesses, companies are adopting pathogen-food safety tests because most problems in food contamination and food borne illness are caused by pathogens include listeria, salmonella and others.

Food Safety Testing Market by Region

European region will have immense opportunities for market investors

Europe is the dominant region for the industry in the market, owing to lot of consumers suffering from food borne diseases. This resulting in increasing demand for food testing and large amount of food production. So, there is an enormous growth for food safety testing in this region. Asia Pacific being the second largest in food testing due to rapid establishment of industries and global companies especially in China.

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Key Participants in the Food Safety Testing Market:

Merger & acquisition and advanced product development are the frequent strategies followed by the market players

Key Participants in the Food Safety Testing Market


Some of the significant for food safety testing market players include ALS Limited, Bureau Veritas S.A, DTS Food Laboratories, Charles River Laboratories International Inc., Covance, Eurofins Scientific and Genetic ID.

Market Players prefer inorganic growth strategies to expand into local markets. 

Food Safety testing market players are emphasizing more on merger & acquisition and advanced product development. These are the frequent strategies followed by established organizations. To emphasize more on the competitor analysis of market players, the Porter’s five force model is explained in the report.




  Historical Market Estimations


  Base Year for Market Estimation


  Forecast timeline for Market Projection


  Geographical Scope

  North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, LAMEA

  Segmentation by Technology

  • Traditional
  • Rapid

  Segmentation by Type

  •  Meat
  •  Poultry
  •  Seafood
  •  Dairy
  •  Cereal
  •  Grain
  • Pulse
  • Processed food


  Segmentation by Contamination

  • Pathogens
  • Chemicals
  • Toxins
  • Others

  Key Countries Covered

U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Spain,

Russia, Japan, China, India, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia

  Key Companies Profiled

  • ALS Limited
  • Bureau Veritas S.A
  • DTS Food Laboratories
  • Charles River Laboratories
  • International Inc.
  • Covance Inc.
  • Eurofins Scientific
  • Genetic ID.

Source: Research Dive Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

A. The leading companies in the food safety testing market are ALS Limited, Bureau Veritas S.A, and DTS Food Laboratories,

A. The European region possesses great investment opportunities for investors to witness the most promising growth in the future.

A. Technological advancements, product development, along with joint ventures are the key strategies opted by the operating companies in this market.

A. The companies investing in R & D practices are Charles River Laboratories International Inc., Covance, Eurofins Scientific and Genetic ID.

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