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Water Repellent Agent Market Report


Water Repellent Agent Market by Type (Silicone, Teflon, and Polyurethane), Technology (Water- Based, and Solvent-Based), End Use (Textile, Construction, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Others), Region Analysis (Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and LAMEA) Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2019-2026


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May 2020

The water repellent market will witness growth due to increasing demand for waterproofing components in the automobile industry, upsurge in durable water repellents that add value to finished textile products, and growing adoption in various applications such as medical equipment, fabrics, windshield, and other.

Water Repellent Agent Market Analysis:

Water repellent is a kind of material used in various industries including manufacturing, textile, construction, automotive, and others to make products water- resistant. It restricts the penetration of water only to the surface. It not only helps in resisting water but helps in maintaining the product quality and durability. Water repellent is, therefore, basically a step up from water resistance which means that water can’t enter easily into the material.

Increasing adoption of water repellents in textiles, automobile and medical equipment are driving the water repellent agent market

India is a country which faces major tropical rainy climate owing to changes in weather. Due to that it has become a basic need for industries to be competitive in the market and be aware of the techniques that deal with the damages caused due to moisture. For instance, fabrics such as Gore-Tex make use of water repellent techniques for raincoats, umbrellas, and clothes. They offer extremely breathable products that provide comfort to the wearer. The automobile industries have also started deploying this technique in the windshields, which is beneficial for the vehicle owner and others for cleaning, in areas with lots of rain, dirty roads and busy highways. Hence the awareness of the water repellent techniques will be majorly driving the market in the coming years.

Stringent government regulation is a major factor restraining the market growth.

Fluorine is a chemical substance present in rocks, coal and so on. It reacts with air and has an awful effect on the environment. Government bodies have implemented strict regulations to restrict the use of toxic chemicals in production of water repellent materials. Water repellent manufacturing companies are only focusing on one material i.e. fluorine that helps in producing water repellent products. Therefore, the non-fluorine water repellent products are only waterproof, which are relatively weak and cannot be applied to all fabrics. The low PH value and impurities present in non-fluorine fabrics having a negative impact on the market.

Emergence of innovative techniques in automotive creating opportunities for the market growth

The new biodegradable material invented by Lotus is composed of cellulose as base substance and has better water repelling property. It is a super hydrophobic surface of leaves which trap air and provide protection against water. This technique makes use of a purely organic substance which is beneficial for carsas and capable enough to make cars survive in severe flood. The electric vehicle market is projected to reach 50% in the forecast period which offers lucrative opportunities to the water repellent market to expand in the near future.

Water Repellent Agent Market by Type

Teflon segment will be lucrative till 2026

Teflon type of water repellent is expected to have a favourable growth in the forecast period because of its non-fluorinated stain repellent technology. In addition, it is used in fabrics for the breathability and durability of the material. Other types are polyurethane and silicone.

Water Repellent Agent Market by Technology

Solvent based technology will observe a predominant growth till 2026

Solvent based technology is assumed to project a healthy CAGR in the forecast period due to properties like instant waterproofing and undamageable in extreme cold conditions. Hence, cold climatic regions like Europe use this technology even in extreme winter. Water based technology is not prominent as it reduces the glossy texture of the surface and gives a matte finish.

Water Repellent Agent Market by End User

Textile Industry will capture the highest market share in the water repellent market

The textile industry is gaining high popularity among consumers owing to the highest production of jute with a market share of almost 63% in the garment and textile area and ranks second in silk and cotton production. Therefore, the textile industry is booming at a faster rate. Other end-users comprise of the automobile industry, pharmaceuticals, maritime industry, paper, and leather industry, construction, and robotics

Water Repellent Agent Market by Region

Asia Pacific will witness an exponential growth till 2026

The Asia Pacific region is expected to witness a high growth rate in the market due to the presence of high end-use industries in China, such as automotive, textile, and others. Moreover, consumer preference towards comfortable clothing and affordable price in the region has accelerated the demand for fabrics by applying water repellent technology into textile production. 

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Key Participants in the Global Water Repellent Market:

Merger & acquisition and advanced product development are the frequent strategies followed by the market players

Key Participants in the Global Water Repellent Market

Some of the significant water repellent market players include AK Waterproofing Company, All India Waterproofing Company, Angel Waterproofing Company, Chaudhary Waterproofing Company, Altantis Engineers, Dr Fixit, Garg Waterproofing Company,Fosroc Chemicals India, Leakproof and Jireh Technologies.

Market Players prefer inorganic as well as organic growth strategies to expand into local markets. Water repellent market players are emphasizing more on merger & acquisition and advanced product development. These are the frequent strategies followed by established organizations. To emphasize more on the competitor analysis of market players, the Porter’s five force model is explained in the report.




  Historical Market Estimations


  Base Year for Market Estimation


  Forecast timeline for Market Projection


  Geographical Scope

  North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, LAMEA

  Segmentation by Type

  • Silicon
  • Teflon
  • Polyurethane

  Segmentation by Technology

  • Water based
  • Solvent based


  Segmentation by Application

  • Textile
  • Automobile
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Maritime
  • Paper and Leather
  • Construction
  • Robotics

  Key Countries Covered

U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Spain,

Russia, Japan, China, India, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia

  Key Companies Profiled

  • AK Waterproofing Company
  • All India Waterproofing Company
  • Angel Waterproofing Company
  • Chaudhary Waterproofing Company
  • Altantis Engineers
  • Dr Fixit
  • Garg Waterproofing Company
  • Fosroc Chemicals India
  • Leakproof
  • Jireh Technologies

Source: Research Dive Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

A. AK Waterproofing Company and Angel Waterproofing Company are some of the key players in the global water repellent agent market.

A. The Asia-Pacific region possesses great investment opportunities for investors to witness the most promising growth in the future.

A. Technological advancements, product development, along with joint ventures, are the key strategies opted by the operating companies in this market.

A. BMT (Bio Memetic Technology), Garg Waterproofing Company are the companies investing more in R&D activities for developing new products and technologies.

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