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Protein Expression Market Report


Protein Expression Market, by Product (Reagents, Expression vectors, Competent cells, Instruments, and Services), Application (Therapeutic, Industrial, Research), Regional Analysis (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, LAMEA): Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2019–2026


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Jun 2020

The Protein Expression Market Overview:

Protein expression is a scientific process aimed at protein creation/production by manipulation of genes present in an organism for the purpose of treatment of patients suffering from chronic or genetic diseases. Also, the process helps in understanding the protein structure, genetic mutation in humans and new developments in any kind of disease or a possible cure for a disease that cannot be cured using generic drugs.

Massively growing chronic and non-communicable diseases are key drivers in the rise of protein expression market

The rising prevalence of ever-growing chronic diseases among humans of all ages, across the globe is one of the significant factors for the growing need for protein expression processes; this will eventually boost the growth of the global market, during the period of forecast. As per the recent publication of the WHO (World Health Organization), the patients of chronic diseases are significantly rising worldwide along with the prediction that the proportion of NCD (non-communicable disease) cases will increase to 57% by 2020. These key factors may create a huge impact on the global protein expression market, during the projected period. Furthermore, the positive therapeutic effects of protein expression to treat multiple chronic diseases and genetic mutations such as cancer, cystic fibrosis, heart disease, diabetes, hemophilia, and AIDS are also anticipated to generate remarkable revenue in the global protein expression market. Moreover, to develop new medical procedures or vaccines, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) clinics and research & development labs are mostly preferring the protein expression process, which will drive the growth of the global market.

The high investments, unsure results, and partial knowledge have proven to be a dent in the fast-paced growth of the protein expression market

The exorbitant cost required to perform the process of protein expression is one of the major factors to restrain the demand for protein expression processes in the global market. In addition, the lack of proper equipment, partial knowledge, and low availability of information about the process, and untrained professionals are all the hindrances in the fast-paced growth of the global protein expression market.

Technological innovations have expected to create huge opportunities for the global protein expression market, during the forecast period

The up-gradation and advancement of technology are also playing a vital role in the success of the protein expression market. The extraction of protein from a cell to creating its multiples in huge numbers has become easier, quicker, and more cost-efficient to the producer. The extensively growing emphasis on new research showing positive results of the protein expression process is playing in favor of the market. Pharmaceutical firms and healthcare industries have started investing more in such technologies for the sole purpose of better future returns. These factors will create massive opportunities for the protein expression processes in the global market.

Protein Expression Market, by Product:

The reagent segment will have the fastest growth during the forecast period

The reagent segment for the protein expression market will have rapid growth in the market and is projected to create considerable growth in the global market. The significant use of reagents in a synthetic examination of cell/tissue present in the human body is one of the important factors for the growth of the global market. Furthermore, during the process of protein expression, reagents are massively used in various forms such as acids and bases and they have multiple applications in the research work, industry production, and pharmaceutical production. Thus, it is expected that with excessive applications across various steps in protein expression, the market is anticipated to grow exponentially.

Protein Expression Market, by Application:

The therapeutic segment will be most lucrative till 2026

The therapeutic segment is expected to be most lucrative in the upcoming time as there has been a significant rise in occurrences chronic diseases, and they continue to rise at a faster pace. Therapeutic usage of the protein expression processes is done in order to affect the course of conditions, syndromes, diseases, or pathology to benefit the health of the patient. The therapeutic effects of protein expression can thus be used widely to treat various chronic diseases and genetic mutations such as cancer, cystic fibrosis, heart disease, diabetes, haemophilia, and AIDS and has proven to show positive results amongst people suffering from such diseases.

Protein Expression Market, by Region:

Asia-Pacific region will have exponential growth in the global market

Though the rise of protein expression market can be seen in the North-American region, the Asia-Pacific region is not much behind and is expected to grow exponentially. The factors facilitating the Asia-Pacific protein expression market growth could be heavy investments in the medical sector, rapid growth in technological innovation, and economic boom. In addition, the rise in the per capita income has created a need in the Asia-Pacific region for up-gradation in the medical sector. A majority of investments can be seen coming from countries like China, Japan, and India who are developing at an immense pace, and the yearly medical investment is growing simultaneously helping the firms, educational institutes, and researchers to study protein expression and develop the best possible outcomes. Also, there is one positive trend in the Asia Pacific market which says that this region is highly cost delicate and this has proven to be a great opportunity for the region.

Key participants in the global Protein Expression Market:

Merger & acquisition and advanced product development are the frequent strategies followed by the market players

Key participants in the global Protein Expression Market

The leading protein expression market players include Agilent Technologies, Inc., BD.,  Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., GenScript Inc., LifeSensors, Merck KGaA, Promega Corporation., QIAGEN,  Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., and TAKARA HOLDINGS INC. Protein expression market players are emphasizing more on merger & acquisition and advanced product development. These are the frequent strategies followed by established organizations. For instance, in May 2018, Thermo Fisher Scientific, an American provisioner of reagents has introduced its Gibco ExpiSf system, the complete chemically-defined baculovirus insect cell protein expression system. The ExpiSf system provides benefits such as consistent results, streamlined workflow, and higher protein yield. To emphasize more on the competitor analysis of market players, the porter’s five force model is explained in the report.



  Historical Market Estimations


  Base Year for Market Estimation


  Forecast timeline for Market Projection


  Geographical Scope

  North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, LAMEA

  Segmentation by Product

  • Reagents
  • Expression vectors
  • Competent cells
  • Instruments
  • Services

  Segmentation by Application

  • Therapeutic
  • Industrial
  • Research

  Key Countries Covered

U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Spain,

Russia, Japan, China, India, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia

  Key Companies Profiled

  • Agilent Technologies, Inc.
  • BD.
  • Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
  • GenScript Inc.
  • LifeSensors
  • Merck KGaA
  • Promega Corporation.
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Source: Research Dive Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Agilent Technologies, Inc., BD., and Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. are some of the leading companies in the Protein Expression Market.

A. The Asia-Pacific region possesses great investment opportunities for investors to witness the most promising growth in the future.

A. Technological advancements, product development, along with joint ventures are the key strategies opted by the operating companies in this market.

A. GenScript Inc., and LifeSensors are investing more in R&D activities for developing new products and technologies.

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