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Surgical Table Market Size Anticipated to Generate $2,252.8 Mn by 2031

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The Global Surgical Table Market Size is predicted to be valued at $2,452.8 million by 2031, increasing from $1,277.8 million in 2021 at a noteworthy CAGR of 7.0%.

Impact Analysis of COVID-19 on the Surgical Table Market

The pandemic had a negative effect on the medical device business. The COVID-19 outbreak pandemic has overburdened healthcare systems, making it difficult to care for all patients globally. The pandemic is also having an adverse effect on the medical device industry. There are various companies in the U.S. that offer operating tables. Companies suffered as a result of the outbreak-related limitations on product distribution and temporary facility closures. The pandemic has had an effect on the way individuals work and numerous surgical procedures. For surgeons to continue to provide safe and efficient care to their patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, specific standards relevant to each field must be created and implemented. The number of surgeries significantly decreased during the pandemic due to regulatory authorities' strict rules on preventing any non-emergent procedures. However, as the COVID-19 recovery rate rises, hospitals are gradually restarting elective treatments. As a result, demand for medical equipment such as operating tables is expected to rise, boosting the industry growth.

Global Surgical Table Market Analysis

Increase in use of surgical tables for treatment of patients is expected to boost the growth of the surgical tables market. The increasing number of surgeries worldwide benefits the global surgical table market. This is due to an increase in trauma and injury cases all across the world. Cases of chronic disorders often require surgery. One of the important factors driving demand for surgical tables is the expanding worldwide burden of chronic diseases. The market for surgical tables is benefiting from the rise in procedures related to accidents, illnesses, and childbirth. Hospitals, clinics, and ambulatory surgical centers are important end users of surgical tables, and hospitals hold the largest surgical table market share in this sector. Furthermore, technological improvements and rising hospital and clinic densities in developing countries drive market growth.

High cost of composite surgical tables can restrain surgical table market progress. Composite surgical tables are relatively expensive, which is a key factor impacting their large-scale utilization. In developing and underdeveloped regions, limited spending on healthcare infrastructure has negatively influenced the purchase of high-end surgical tables.

A major factor that drives the market for surgical tables is the modernization of the healthcare infrastructure in developing nations. The upgrade of medical services in public hospitals is receiving significant investment from the governments of various developing nations. In addition, to improve the surgical environment and maximize its comfort and utility, hospital administrations are implementing the expert advice of medical consultants, which is resulting in the replacement of old surgical tables with new ones. This is anticipated to boost the market growth of surgical tables.

Global Surgical Table Market, Segmentation

The surgical table market is segmented on the basis of product category, product type, end use, and region.

Product Category:

The product category segment is further classified into generalized surgical table and specialized surgical table. Among these, the generalized surgical table segment accounted for the highest market share in 2021.The generalized surgical table market accounts for the great majority of the market share. Increased general surgery cases, such as gynecologic surgeries, orthopedic surgeries, and ENT surgeries, are due to market expansion. The orthopedic surgery segment is expected to grow throughout the forecast period. The rise in knee and hip replacement operations fuels the worldwide surgical table market. Furthermore, increase in sports injuries and accident cases boost the segment's growth. In addition, these tables make are easy to transport and have height adjustments, which makes it simple to switch from a bed to a stretcher utilizing hydraulic actuators or a pneumatic system.

Product Type:

The product type segment is further classified into powered and non-powered. Among these, the powered segment accounted for the highest market share in 2021.Powered surgical tables are usually battery-powered, which eliminates the need for electrical cords on the floor. These devices aid the operating room team in patient placement by providing motor-driven functionalities such as tilt, back and leg supports, tabletop inclination, height adjustment, and return-to-level. Such advantages provided by powered surgical tables are expected to drive segment growth. For a better surgical experience, doctors frequently use powered surgical tables in several hospitals and ambulatory surgery facilities. For crucial surgeries, surgical tables are most frequently powered by electric and hydraulic systems. Powered surgical tables provide a variety of structural positions, including supine, prone, and lateral, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, lithotomy, and seated positions. Various dental treatments also require powered surgical tables.

End Use:

The end-use segment is further classified into hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. Among these, the hospitals segment accounted for the highest market share in 2021.Hospitals are the market leader in surgical tables, and demand is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. Hospitals do more treatments than any other type of healthcare institution because they are available for primary care in the majority of developing countries across the world and have favorable payment policies. Nevertheless, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are becoming a major element of the healthcare system in developed nations, and they are expected to regularly contribute to the surgical tables market opportunities in the coming years.


The surgical table market in the Asia-Pacific region is anticipated rise by 2031. Asia-Pacific is projected to observe significant amount of growth in the surgical tables market due to rise in number of hospitals and growing acceptance of private clinics. Rise in disposable income and the high prevalence of patients suffering from chronic diseases will propel the regional market growth. The need for surgical tables is rising since more surgeries are being conducted as a result of an increase in the frequency of chronic diseases. During the course of the forecast period, rising healthcare costs in China and Japan are anticipated to fuel product demand. Moreover, the rise in the healthcare infrastructure and incidence of several diseases because of the sudden transition in lifestyle is further anticipated to propel the growth of the surgical tables market in the region in the coming years.

Key Players in the Global Surgical Table Market

Some of the leading surgical table market players are

  • Steris PLC
  • Skytron LLC
  • Stryker Corporation
  • Mizuho OSI
  • Getinge AB
  • Schaerer Medical USA Inc.
  • NUVO Inc.
  • Allengers Medical Systems Limited
  • Invacare Corp.
  • Elekta AB.

In December 2021, in the U.S., Stille AB partnered with GE Healthcare. Stille AB announced an exclusive collaboration with GE Healthcare for a new general surgery table type in the U.S.

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