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Camping and Caravanning Market Size Projected to Generate a Revenue of $87653.5 Mn by 2031

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The Global Camping and Caravanning Market Size is predicted to be valued at $87653.5 million by 2031, surging from $42384 million in 2021, at a noteworthy CAGR of 7.7%.

Impact Analysis of COVID-19 on the Camping and Caravanning Market

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to severe disruptions that have affected the demand, supply, import-export, and availability of camping and caravanning across end-use industries. The COVID-19 has had a negative impact on economies and businesses in a number of countries, resulting in lockdowns, travel bans, and business closures. The closure of numerous plants and factories has had a severe influence on global supply chains, as well as manufacturing, delivery schedules, and product sales in the worldwide market. Further, there has been a significant downfall in the travel and tourism industry mainly due to lack of standard accommodation facility, unavailability of professionals across hospitality industry, disruption in supply chain ecosystem together responsible for hindering the market growth.

Global Camping and Caravanning Market Analysis

The camping and caravanning market is experiencing robust growth owing to rising disposable income, involvement of major camping players to boost its tourism activities, strong support from tourism alliances for constructing sustainable infrastructure development and restoring old camping sites. Further, rising adoption of environmentally friendly camping activities to reduce CO2 emissions significantly are some of the other factors supporting market growth.

Moreover, the demand for glamping is gaining traction owing to rising customers focus towards comfortable, affordable and luxury camping experience. According to a report released by The Caravan Industry Association, it is estimated that there were some 14 million trips taken by caravanners and campers in 2020.

Furthermore, the rising number of tourists is another factor supplementing the market. In 2021, more than 93.8 million North American households considered themselves campers. Caravan parks importantly supply the most broad, varied, and affordable tourism accommodation offerings in the country. Similarly, the caravan and camping industry has consistently remained the biggest domestic tourism sector and for the year ending September 2021 more than 12.8 million caravan and camping trips and over 52.1 million nights were recorded across Australia.

Owing to the aforementioned factors, the market is likely to fuel in the coming years.

Global Camping and Caravanning Market, Segmentation

The global Camping and Caravanning market is segmented based on destination type, type of camper, consumer orientation, age and region.

Destination Type:

The destination type segment is further classified into state or national park campgrounds, privately owned campgrounds, public or privately owned land other than a campground, backcountry, national forest or wilderness areas, parking lots and others. Among these, the privately owned campgrounds sub-segment is anticipated to have a dominant market share in 2021. Privately owned campgrounds are gaining traction owing to massive funding from tourism alliances to support small and medium businesses. These privately owned campgrounds have limited availability of funds to expand its businesses. In such scenario, privately owned campgrounds are getting lucrative business opportunities to boost its camping activities resulting in boosting this segment further fueling the global camping and caravanning market size.

Type of Camper:

The type of camper segment is further classified into car camping, RV camping, backpacking and others. Among these, the RV camping segment is fueling owing to rising popularity of outdoor recreational activities wherein recreational vehicles are playing a major role. These vehicles are sold globally owing to its functionalities, flexibility and technologically equipped vehicle ideally for solo and family travelers.

Consumer Orientation:

The consumer orientation segment is further classified into adult male, adult female and kids. Among these, the adult male sub-segment is anticipated to have a dominant market share. Adult males take active interest in camping and caravanning activities owing to their comfort in experiencing wildlife and adventurous tourism activities. Moreover, they prefer to travel solo or with their families owing to which they contribute major share in the market.


The age segment is further classified into 6-12 yrs, 13-17 yrs, 18-24 yrs, 25-44 yrs and 45 + yrs. Among these, the 18-24  sub-segment is anticipated to have a dominant market share. This age group is showing interest in exploring new camping sites which are remote in underdeveloped countries. Moreover, they are more inclined towards adopting sustainable utensils and promote eco friendly camping activities owing to which the market is likely to supplement in the coming years.


The Camping and Caravanning market in the Asia-Pacific region is projected to show the fastest growth. Some of the major factors driving the Camping and Caravanning market growth in the Asia-Pacific region are increase in sales of leisure vehicles in countries mainly Australia, Southeast Asia, and others. Moreover, massive investment by tourism authorities to built tourism infrastructure and sustainable tourist spots are some of the key factors responsible for increasing market size.

Key Players in the Global Camping and Caravanning Market

Some of the leading Camping and Caravanning market players are

  • Discovery Parks Private Limited
  • European Camping Group
  • Kampgrounds Of America Inc.
  • Parkdean Holidays Limited
  • Equity Lifestyle Properties
  • Sun Communities
  • Bourne Leisure
  • The Camping and Caravanning Club
  • Drayton Manor
  • La Bella Vista

For instance, in August 2022, Mercedes?Benz is adding a new entry-level model to its Marco Polo family, setting the course for further growth in the motorhome market. This strategic movement would enable flexible, easily installable and removable camping module.

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