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Lottery: The Most Popular Form of Gambling to Win Big Jackpot

Publish Date: May 07, 2020

Lottery is a popular form of gambling that involves drawing of specific numbers or lots of participants to win prizes. Lottery prizes are available several formats such as cash or goods, and also can be majorly used in sports team drafts. The financial lotteries give the participants to win big amounts, and hence it is considered as an addictive form of gambling. On the other hand, the money raised in the lotteries can be used for good causes in the public sectors.

Lottery can be defined as a type of gambling in which winners are selected by randomly drawing of lots, from those who have participated in buying the tickets. As per a Research Dive analyst review, lotteries make people curious to to participate and pay a small sum of money because the winnings are big. Lotteries can be also used decision making situations such as sports team drafts and in medical treatment. Offering prizes based on random chance and promotional schemes demanding a consideration to take part are generally legal and thus considered as a lottery.

Key Takeaways

•    In a lottery game, the process in which the winners are selected is random. Lottery is a chance to win big jackpot.
•    Lotteries can be used in the allocation of scarce medical treatment, sports team drafts, and other situations for better decision-making.
•    Financial is one of the most popular lotteries, where participants have a chance to win big amount by just investing a small amount of money.
•    The financial lotteries are considered as addictive form of gambling and is also criticized for the same. But sometimes the money raised by winning the lotteries is used for good causes in the areas of public sector.

Understanding Lotteries

A lottery can be run as a process that is fair for everyone, especially when there is something limited but still high in demand. Some examples include kindergarten admission at a reputable school, lottery for occupying units in a subsidized housing block, or a vaccine for a rapidly moving virus. Two popular and the most common examples are those that dish out cash prizes to paying participants and the one that occurs in sport.


In financial lottery, it is a game where players usually buy a ticket for a less amount of money to win big. The lottery companies have machines to randomly split the selected group of numbers, and then the selected participant win prizes if enough of their numbers randomly drawn are matched.

The lucky winner is often offered with a choice of taking payment by annual installments or a lump-sum amount. Though receiving the proceeds via annuity over several years is more sensible option, but the most popular option is the lump-sum payment. As there are most of the states in the world where winning is subject to income tax, choosing the former option of annual installments can help in organizing the taxation purposes. 


The NBA (National Basketball Association) holds a lottery for 14 teams in the world of sports. Till date, the worst record for the lottery was from the previous season, where no teams made through the playoffs. In order to determine which draft pick the teams will have, the names of all 14 teams is randomly drawn. Essentially, the first opportunity is given to the team that comes out top to pick the biggest talent out of college.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Lottery

Depending on the size of the lottery prize, a cash lottery creates loads of eagerness and dreams of tossing off the burden of “working for the man” for thousands of people.

In the past, lotteries have been criticized for being an addictive form of gambling. Although the tickets are not typically expensive, but it is estimated that the costs can rack up over the years, while there are slight chances of winning. Statistically, there is a greater likelihood of becoming a billionaire or being struck by lightning than winning the mega millions jackpot.

Furthermore, those lucky enough to obtain the vast amounts of money on offer can sometimes find themselves poorer than ever before. There are numerous cases in which winning the lottery has elicited a serious decline in the quality of life of families and individuals.

Considering the positive part, sometimes the proceeds earned from lottery ticket sales go to good causes. A percentage of revenue generated is donated by each state of the world. Often money raised from the lotteries is spent in the public sector on things like park services, education, and funds for seniors & veterans.


Princy A. J

Princy holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the prestigious Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. University at Chennai, India. After a successful academic record, she pursued her passion for writing. A thorough professional and enthusiastic writer, she enjoys writing on various categories and advancements in the global industries. She plays an instrumental role in writing about current updates, news, blogs, and trends.