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Special Effect Masterbatches Industry on the Verge to Gain Heights

Publish Date: November 20, 2019

Growing applications of special effect masterbatches is enhancing the growth of the global market for special effect masterbatches and is anticipated to open several opportunities in developed and developing economies. Read on, to know more about special effect masterbatches and their growing application areas.

From classy, eye-catching haircare bottles to microwave containers to tear-resistant wraps, the market has been flooded with several kinds of plastic products, since many years. To beat this tough competition, every plastic manufacturer is now struggling to find ways to make their products more sustainable and stand-out from the rest. When it comes to enhance the overall look and feel of the plastic products, special effect master batches come into picture.

Visually appealing plastic products

Special effect masterbatches are nothing but a blend of special additives and pigments that are enclosed, and used in the production of plastic items. These masterbatches play a major role in giving colors to the raw polymers and also helps in giving special effect to the finished products. These special compounds provide an extensive range of special effect customizations and enhances the appearance of the plastic products. Some of these special effects include marble touch, glitter effect, metallic look, transparent effect, fluorescent colors, etc.

Growing application areas to bring rewarding growth opportunities

The growth in the applications of special effect masterbatches is boosting the growth of the global market for special effect masterbatches and is expected to unlock massive opportunities in developed and developing economies, says a new report by Research Dive. According to the report, the special effect masterbatches industry is expected to garner $4,465.5 million by 2026. This is mainly due to the growing end user markets such as packaging, automobile, and healthcare all across the world. On the other hand, the growth in the need for visually attractive and sustainable plastic products is also boosting the growth of the market. With its growing demand in several application sectors many manufacturers are now actively involved in the production of special effect masterbatches. Some of the top players active in this market are Broadway Colours, PolyIOne, RTP, Clariant Ag, Gabriel-chemie AG, Micro Poly Colours India, Dk Polymers, Frilvam S.P.A., Kandui Industries Pvt Ltd., Minocha Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Ampacet Corporation, and others.

Special effects masterbatches ruling the consumer market

Nowadays, special effect compounds are gaining much importance in the consumer market. These compounds are used more like a marketing tool for consumer products in which colors and visual effects are of prime importance for developing and presenting an image or brand. Addition of additives to enhance the overall look of plastic items through special effect pigments that produce effects such as—metallic, sparkle, luster, and color has been proved as an extremely effective technique to make products standout in the market. As per researchers, the products and their packaging that uses special effect pigments are more likely to grab the attention of the consumer and are supposed to be more prominent, exclusive, colorful, and modern than other products or packaging prevalent in the market. And hence, the technology of creating visual effects in plastics is developing at a very fast pace. Nowadays, special effect producers are highly involved in growing their palette. Their color designers are well acquainted with the newest color trends in the consumer industries and are working on adding marble effect, mirror shine, thermochromic or metallic shine, pearlescent, sparkle, and luster effects as just some of the many effects to their existing range of special effects


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