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Patient-Centric Healthcare Apps to Cut the Barriers Between the Patients and Their Healthcare Experts

Publish Date: October 10, 2019

The growing occurrence of several diseases and rising awareness regarding healthcare is leading consumers’ interest toward ways to monitor and maintain good health. Taking into consideration the mounting demand, researchers and developers have now come up with several healthcare apps, boosting the growth of Patient-centric healthcare apps market.

Since ages, the healthcare sector is seen as notoriously resistant to revolutionize, especially in the terms of digitalization. But today, the green shoots of a major change are visible which indicates that the healthcare industry is embracing digital revolution at an ever-increasing pace. Amongst several industries in the service sector, digitalization has done a gigantic influence on the operations of the healthcare and diagnostics industry.

With various technological inventions and developments in the healthcare industry, researchers and developers have now come up with Mobile health care Apps. When we come across the term ‘mobile health’, usually the first thing that emanates to our mind are fitness apps, such as Fitbit, HealthifyMe or MyFitnessPal, because of the concepts like ‘calculated self’ or ‘self-tracking’ that are gaining more and more popularity nowadays.

However, the world of patient-centric healthcare apps is much bigger than this. These healthcare apps can play an important part in reducing the cost associated with medical care, improve medical results, and increase the access to healthcare experts. They can be accessed through smartphones or iPads using Internet. They are well efficient to deliver updates about medicine dosage timings, number of calories consumed, level of dehydration in the body, and other body parameters of the patient. There are numerous app providers or hospitals in the market that offer such healthcare apps free-of-cost to patients, but major facilities such as interactions with specialists are charged based on the one-time fee or a subscription.

Patient-centric healthcare apps are known to offer systematic care and incessant interactions between patients and their healthcare experts. Even though fitness apps are ruling over the mHealth apps, numerous researches depict that the patient-centric apps are gaining impetus and are offering various promising business opportunities. Additionally, a report by Research Dive States that the North America Patient Centric Healthcare App market is expected to reach $57,493 million by 2025, and grow at a CAGR of 34.8% from 2019 to 2025. With the growing demand for Patient Centric Healthcare Apps, several hospitals, and app development companies are now entering the Healthcare App market to sustain the competition.

Recent trends in the patient-centric healthcare apps market:

Analytics related to patient’s data is the most overestimated issue in the healthcare sector, particularly for big data and artificial intelligence. But today an increasing number of NHS organizations are undertaking audacious initiatives to support patients’ care with precise data. One such example includes an NHS trust that intends to develop a ‘command centre’ to deliver real-time synopsis of patient’s flow using several digital devices and the internet to direct resources across the 800-bed hospital. To make this plan a success an NHS-approved smartphone app and the related algorithm is developed which helps the gestational diabetes patients that are mostly in need of medical assistance.

On the other hand, DrChrono Inc., a leading platform provider for medical practices, recently declared its launch of a new Partner Platform Marketplace where healthcare experts can access more than 80 healthcare apps to initiate or support their medical practices by means of digital technology. This is indeed a win-win situation for service providers, developers, and patients to offer or receive medical help on their fingertips.

DrChrono is a digital platform designed and developed with an aim to offer an open partner platform to offer medical services for patients. The company invites all the healthcare companies, doctors, and medical experts to offer their medical services by connecting with patients through this newly developed platform. The Healthcare Partner Platform Marketplace provides multiple benefits to all parties involved. It allows the patients to access patient portals, find healthcare experts, and gain health education. It also offers patients with medication plans and intake reminders, pill identifiers, medication price and location search, fitness and exercise sessions, nutrition schedules, and e-prescription.


Alex Hillsberg

Chief editor of review team at FinancesOnline

Chief editor of review team at FinancesOnline Alex Hillsberg is an expert in the area of B2B and SaaS related products. He has worked for several B2B startups in the past and gathered a lot of first hand knowledge about the industry during that time.