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10 Most Outlandish Medical Tourism Destinations Across the Globe

Publish Date: June 02, 2020

There is no doubt that the medical tourism industry is reaching its peak of development. Approximately 21-26 million people travel overseas seeking affordable medical care each year. Asia-Pacific will have colossal opportunities for the market investors to grow over the coming years, according to a report by Research Dive.

The medical procedures ranging from cosmetic surgery to orthopedic surgery are now being offered at high quality and affordable rates in many Asia-Pacific countries, with the recent technological developments. Due to the considerable price, advanced level of treatment and machinery, tourism friendly across the countries and lesser government policies towards the tourism is considered to be major driving factor for the Asia-Pacific region. Here’s a list of the top 10 destinations for medical tourism:

  • India

The cutting-edge technology used in the healthcare services of India has made a difference in the medical tourism industry of the country. India has become the most-preferred destination for overseas treatment and surgery not only because of the high-quality and affordability of the service but also for its breathtaking nature and the beautiful architecture. Medical tours in India promises a mix of luxury, pleasure, grandeur, and quality health services for the patients.

India’s medical system offers expert services in plastic surgery, orthopedic, oncological, and fertility-related medical issues. India also one of the most recommended destinations for organ transplant (liver, kidney, pancreas).

Cost reduction compared to USA: 65% to 90%

  • Costa Rica

Another fastest rising leader in the medical tourism market is the beautiful Costa Rica. This Central American country has been ranked higher in dentistry and cosmetic surgery, compared to Canada and US. The country is also an emerging name in the fields of cancer therapy, eye surgery, and bariatric surgery.

A special retreat in San Jose offers exotic recovery experience to the interested patients with a soothing atmosphere. The highly-trained nurses at the retreat accommodate these patients with as they recover.

  • Brazil

In a formal way, Brazil can be called the leader in aesthetic and plastic surgery. The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks Brazil as the best in healthcare services in Latin America. Being the third most visited country, followed by US and China, Brazil is the hub for the patients demanding cosmetic and plastic surgery. Its high quality cosmetic and plastic surgical services offered as affordable price attracts more and more health tourists to the country. 

Two best known cities for cutting-edge medical technology, medical advances, and innovation in Brazil are Florianopolis and Sao Paulo.

  • Thailand

Well-known for its unique hospitality and exotic beaches, Thailand is another destination for medical travelers. Thailand appeals with its internationally accredited hospitals which attract a good number of medical tourists every year.

Thailand shines in an amazing way in advanced dental work as well as cosmetic and dermatological processes. Patients are offered private recovery gardens introducing the rich culture and beauty of Thailand.

  • Singapore

Another most developed countries in the world is Singapore. This country reserves the topmost spot among the Asian countries in the ranking of World Health Organization. One can get excellent state-of-the-art facilities and well-trained surgeons in the hospitals of this glamorous country.

Cost reduction compared to US: 25% to 40%

  • Turkey

Turkey is another hotspot for medical tourism. This beautiful country stands out in its medical services by offering zero waiting times, quality healthcare services at affordable price. The healthcare services of Turkey specialize in the areas of radiation therapy for cancer, transplant surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, and genomic medicine.

  • Mexico

Renowned for its rich and aesthetic art and culture, and delicious cuisine, Mexico delightfully welcomes the world community for medical tourism and rejuvenation.

Mexico is mostly specialized in cosmetic surgery and advanced dental care. Mexico houses 7 hospitals with JCI-accreditation and 98 hospitals endorsed by the Federal Health Ministry of the country. 

  • Taiwan

With advances in the treatment of cardiac diseases and orthopedic conditions, Taiwan is booming as a hub for medical tourists. Taiwan has the record of first kidney transplant in Asia. 

Cost reduction compared to US: 40% to 55%

  • Malaysia

One of the best healthcare service providers of South-East Asia, Malaysia offers exceptional patient comfort with five-star hospital cabins that look more like lavish hotel suites.

In 2015 and 2016, Malaysia became the top winners of “Health and Medical Tourism Destination of the year” by International Medical Travel Journal. 

Cost reduction compared to US: 65% to 80%

  • South Korea

One of the most technologically advanced and tech-savvy countries in the world, South Korea offers excellent medical services. Their healthcare services are supplemented with cutting-edge technology and smartly-trained medical staff. 

Seoul performs over 20,000 minimally-invasive spinal surgeries annually, which makes it the best in the country. 

The medical tourists are offered superb accommodation with spacious rooms, personal computer.

Cost reduction compared to US: 30% to 45%


Princy A. J

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