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Global Liquid Smoke Market’s Growth to Boost with the Rising Trend of Smoked Foods

In the world of barbeques, liquid smoke is usually spurned and ridiculed as a cheap method to impart smoke flavour in a food recipe. However, the popularity of liquid smoke is rising as it offers a delicious smoky flavour to various food dishes.

Liquid smoke is a flavouring agent obtained by condensing the smoke generated by burning wood. Advanced procedures of producing liquid smoke consist of filtration procedures to eliminate contaminants, such as dirt and ash from the ultimate product.

These days, liquid smoke is available in most conventional stores as a separate item. Also, it is a vital flavouring agent in numerous prepared food items found in supermarkets and restaurants such as beef jerky, hot dogs, applewood-smoked bacon, barbecue sauces, and baked beans. The point of liquid smoke is to add a smoky flavour without actually smouldering anything, so it is a suitable method to get a smoky flavour into a recipe if you do not have the time or required items to smoke something in the traditional way. Liquid smoke is a suitable, economical way to add a deep, smoky flavour to foods without the burning of wood chips.

Growing Popularity of Liquid Smoke

The liquid smoke industry across the globe is observing an enormous growth mostly owing to the surging popularity of smoke flavoured foods and barbeque sauces amongst public. These days, people are admiring the flavour of traditional grilled smoke in foods which is propelling the demand for liquid smoke worldwide. Furthermore, smoke flavours are mostly used in the recipes of grilled meats like steaks, shrimps, ham, bacon, and others which are greatly in demand nowadays. The trend of smoked food is greatly encouraging leading liquid smoke market players to modernize their business strategies to entice customers.

Latest Trends in the Liquid Smoke Market

As per a report by Research Dive, the global liquid smoke market is expected to grow from $68,271.4 thousand in 2020 to $1,14,266.2 thousand by 2028. The liquid smoke market in the North America region is observing accelerated growth and anticipated to surpass a revenue of $32,451.6 thousand by 2028. This is mainly owing to the rising popularity of smoked food products that include barbeque and confectionery in this region. Market players are significantly investing in research and development to cater the mounting demand for liquid smoke. Some of the foremost players of the liquid smoke market are MSK Kerry Group, Red Arrow International, Ingredients Ltd., Redbrook Ingredient Services Ltd., B&G Foods., Azelis SA., Besmoke Ltd., Ruitenberg Ingredients, Baumer Foods, Colgin, and others. These players are focused on forming strategies, for example, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, novel developments, and collaborations to achieve a prominent position in the global market.

For instance,

  • In February 2021, Azelis, a foremost provider of specialty chemicals and food ingredients, announced the launch of a novel extraction and distillation plant to develop smoke flavours. The company vends its smoke flavours under the well-established Scansmoke® brand.
  • In August 2021, TMI Foods, a foremost provider of fully cooked crispy and back bacon in the UK and a Dawn Farms firm, signed an elite licensing agreement with Besmoke, the producer of draft-smoked ingredients, smoke and grill flavours, and taste-enhancement products. The novel Puresmoke technology assures to offer genuine as well as clean wood smoke flavours and will be exclusively built into the curing or cooking processes at the advanced facility of TMI Foods in Northampton.

COVID-19 Impact on the Liquid Smoke Market

The abrupt rise of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has negatively impacted the global liquid smoke market. This is mainly due to the cessation of liquid smoke manufacturing factories due to the implementation of lockdown in several regions during the pandemic period. Also, a significant drop in the demand for restaurant foods during the pandemic has hampered the market growth. However, as the pandemic is relaxing, the liquid smoke market is expected to gain traction with a remarkable surge in the popularity of smoked food dishes worldwide. This is likely to boom the liquid smoke market growth in the coming years.

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