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Advanced Glass Industry on The Verge of Gaining Greater Heights in The Coming Years

From automobiles to construction of huge buildings and from smart phones to everyday kitchen appliances, glass is an integral material that is extensively used. With various research & developments in the glass industry, scientists have invented an upgraded form of glass called ‘advanced glass’.

What is advanced glass?

Advanced glass is a superior grade of glass which is developed using natural gas, soda ash, and silica sand. This glass is manufactured using innovative techniques and technological substances, and can be used in various applications.

Advanced glass offers numerous benefits and applications such as UV control, sound reduction, safety, and security. It finds application in numerous industrial sectors such as construction, infrastructure, smartphones, automobiles, and electronics. Besides, it can be used as a screen protector in laptops and mobile phones.

Rising demand for advanced glass from various sectors

Nowadays, the construction sector is one the most rapidly evolving sector. This sector is seen to adopt several advanced materials for enhanced construction and better outcomes, and one among these materials is the use of advanced glass into various construction projects. Advanced glass is a multipurpose material which has numerous applications including security, noise cancellation, and UV control. Apart from the construction sector, this glass has seen increased usage in the automobile sector as well. Moreover, it is extensively used in various electronic gadgets, home appliances, and smartphones’ screen protector. Hence, considering the growing application of advance glass in various sectors, it is clear that the demand for advanced glass will definitely increase in the next few years.

Growing competition among advanced glass manufacturers

Several companies are now focusing on lucrative technologies that are expected to enhance the quality of glass and boost the output of advanced glass industry. Currently, advanced glass manufacturers are coming up with new varieties of advanced glass that are trending in the market. These varieties include security glass, Nano channel glass, smart glass, thin glass, bioactive glass, and self-cleaning glass. Nippon Sheet Glass Co. Ltd., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass and glazing products for the architectural, automotive, and technical glass sectors has amplified the production volume of the coated glass to fulfill the demands of the solar energy industry. Additionally, in 2019, it has declared a joint development contract between its subsidiary and Ubiquitous Energy, a frontrunner in transparent solar technology. Apart from Nippon Sheet Glass, there are various other companies currently dominating the advanced glass industry which include Asahi Glass Co, PPG Industries, Advanced Glass & Mirror, Inc., Saint Gobain, Sherwin Williams Company, Corning Inc., Guardian Industries, Sisecam Group, and others. These companies are greatly investing in research & developments activities and undertaking activities such as merges & collaborations, new product launches, and geographical inventions.

Future scope of advance glass industry

A report by Research Dive, states that the advanced glass sector is climbing the path of success by growing at a healthy growth rate of 7.2%. The automobile manufacturing industries in the countries such as UK, Germany and France are rapidly growing due to supportive government policies which is boosting demand for advanced glass in this sector. Moreover, steps taken by government for energy efficienct and eco-friendly constructions are likely to boost the advanced glass market in European region. Apart from Europe, Asia Pacific is another region which is expected to offer rewarding opportunities for the market investors and advanced glass manufacturers to expand their business in the upcoming years. Considering all these factors, it is clear that the market of advanced glass is paving its way toward development and is sure to gain heights in the coming future.

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