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Lithium Niobate Market is Flourishing at an Exceptional Growth Rate

Lithium Niobate is a chemically insert hard crystalline material with a unique optical property made of oxygen, lithium, and niobium. Lithium niobate modulator is an electro optic device that uses a signal controlled element which exhibits an electro-optic effect to modulate optical beam. The basic knowledge behind these modulator is to modify the electric-optical properties of a material such as amplitude, phase, position and frequency. Lithium modulators are developed for the use in optical computing, digital and analog signal processing and communications.

Lithium Niobate Modulator converts the high-speed electrical transmissions to optical signals in computing equipment such as optical signal machines before transmitting via optical fibers. Due to the strength and high variation rate, these products are highly preferable than other complementary metal-oxide-semiconductors. As optic fiber mainly uses Lithium Niobate Modulators for signal modulation, they are preferred more than other products.

Factors Impacting the Growth of the Market

Growing adoption of optical fiber in various end-use applications such as telecom, CATV, premises, sensors, and others, are primarily driving the growth of the Lithium Niobate Modulator market over the forecast period. 
Along with these, the copper wires in the communication sector are getting replaced by optical fibers owing to their abundant advantages that are associated with electrical transmission like high security, bandwidth, transmission of long-range signals, and resistance to electromagnetic interference. 

Lithium Niobate is a fabricated element, which is made from niobium, lithium, and oxygen. It is primarily used in optical appliances, optical modulators, optical waveguides, piezoelectric sensors, and mobile phones. Lithium Niobate Modulators are considered to be one of the most important components used in modern telecommunications. 

Telecommunication Sector

Advancements in the communication sector, such as the adoption of 5G technology, will require modulators that are more efficient, in order to avoid signal dropping and other issues. This product will be well suited for the upcoming technologies, owing to its properties such as high wavelength, better reach, and secured communication capabilities. These properties will provide ample opportunities for the manufacturers in the coming years and help in enhancing their current sales.

The Lithium Niobate Modulator industry is experiencing conversion due to a swift change in communication and wireless computing network. The radar detection system, satellite communication, and wireless communication are changing at a rapid pace, resulting in qualitative and quantitative transformations in developing and developed countries. 10 GHz has a rapid growth in the radar detection system especially in the detection of unknown aircrafts, ships, weather formations and missiles, and in satellite communication, these modulators create communication between receiver and transmitter. These communication satellites are used for telephone, internet, and television. To meet their requirements, manufacturers are concentrating on technology developments and the introduction of cost-effective methods of fabricating Lithium Niobate Modulator. Increasing demands for internet use will upsurge the growth of the market.

IT & Telecom

IT & Telecom are considered to be the backbone of the global Lithium Niobate Modulators market. Most of the IT & Telecom industry uses Lithium Niobate Modulators as the prime device for their communication purpose. Lithium Niobate Modulators provide high performance with minimal cost for telecommunication systems.

Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and Defense are also considered to be major users for the Lithium Niobate Modulator, with the help of these modulators. They transfer data with high secrecy into the available high-frequency radio channel with the application of quantum key distribution.

Industrial Sector

Lithium Niobate Modulators are used in the industrial sector on a large scale. Lithium Niobate Modulators can transmit the measured flow rate data through an optical fiber depending on photonic based pressure measurement and transmitting techniques of pressure.

Recent Developments

Product development and acquisitions are some of the key strategies opted by the industry participants to retain their position in the global or regional markets. A recent report by Research Dive  reveals the top players in the global Lithium Niobate Modulator market are Fujitsu Optical Components Ltd, iXblue Group, THORLABS, Gooch & House plc, Beijing Panwoo Integrated Optoelectronic Inc., Fabrinet Inc., Lumentum Operations LLC, and EOSPACE Inc. among many others. These manufacturers are mainly focusing on some of the strategies such as new technologies, mergers and acquisitions, new product launches and geographical expansions, to raise the company position in the global market. In September 2019, iXblue PHOTONICS installed new navigation system “Integrated Bridge and Navigation System (IBNS)” for U.S. Navy. This advanced system provides innovative solutions in the navigation, underwater imaging and positioning of ships in the oceans.

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