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DevOps Industry Growth Surges with the Rising Need for Efficient Business Operations

The world is rapidly moving toward digitalization and accepting modern technologies. The growing demand for IT services have triggered the need to enhance IT operations in an advanced manner. DevOps is one such technology that represents a change in the culture of IT by enabling rapid IT service delivery by adopting agile, lean practices in the framework of a system-oriented methodology. DevOps give emphasis to people (and culture) and attempts to enhance the coordination amongst development and operations teams.

What are the Benefits of Integrating DevOps in an Organization?

DevOps technology makes use of automation tools that can control a progressively programmable and dynamic framework. It takes care of security, collaborative means of working, data analytics, and many other features. In simple terms, this technology is the integration of traditional viewpoints, practices, and tools that surges the ability of an organization to offer applications and services at a faster pace. Thus, it helps in enhancing and refining products at a faster rate than organizations using outdated software development and infrastructure management procedures. By adopting such an augmented speed of processes, businesses can offer better services to their customers and play a prominent part in the marketplace.

Advantages of DevOps:

  • Quick delivery: DevOps increases the speed of product releases and develops the product faster and builds competitive advantage.
  • Speed: DevOps lets you function at a speed at which one can adapt to changing markets better, and become more efficient at driving business results.
  • Trustworthiness: DevOps offers features such as constant integration and incessant delivery, which ensures the quality of application updates and framework changes, thus offering reliable delivery within a short period of time, while sustaining an optimum user experience.
  • Better-quality teamwork: By using devOps model, IT and operations teams collaborate closely, combine their workflows, and share responsibilities. This decreases errors and saves time.
  • Security: DevOps offers enhanced security by using automated and integrated security testing tools.

Has COVID-19 Surged the Demand for DevOps Platforms?

The abrupt rise of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies and businesses worldwide to adopt remote working ways. Some of the top, successful businesses have impersonated the work style of technology and IT firms, which have usually proven to be strong and capable to pivot with rapid alterations.

Several devOps teams have been distributed across various businesses even before the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote as well as on-site team associates alike have regularly cooperated with each other with remote colleagues and worked closely with offshore teams. Thus, various industry leader can follow the practices followed by devOps teams that have been practicing the concept of virtual collaboration.

DevOps platforms focus on establishing secure, smooth, and effective performance and collaboration—that is why companies are increasingly adopting devOps platforms during the pandemic crisis. Getting acquainted with a virtual workplace needs several vital components of devOps such as quality control, security, collaboration, individual team member performance, authority, team performance, and compliance.

Furthermore, growing demand for fast and constant application delivery systems across businesses during the COVID-19 crisis is surging the demand for devOps technologies for examining and monitoring bottlenecks all through the application’s running period, identifying glitches and optimizing them, and providing speedy updates and faster delivery.

Recent Trends in the DevOps Industry

Several market players in the devOps sector are undertaking various activities such as new product launches, mergers & acquisitions, partnerships, etc. to obtain a leading-edge in the global market. Moreover, various business are increasingly adopting devOps technology for efficient running of their business operations. For instance, in October 2020, OSS Group, a custom Software & Technical Consulting company, has become one of the few locally owned companies in New Zealand to attain the Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps Competency. According to the company, using AWS and DevOps practices has permitted OSS Group to respond more efficiently to the requirements of customers, particularly as they face unprecedented challenges to traditional methods of functioning.

Moreover, in October 2020, Opsera, the first Continuous Orchestration platform for DevOps practitioners, has introduced a namesake platform that allows IT teams to coordinate the tools employed by developers along with the pipelines that form a devOps practice. Moreover, the company has developed a new method for software delivery that syndicates the choice of any CI/CD tools with no-code automation through the devOps process.

In addition, in the same month, Pluralsight, a tech workforce development company, has declared that it is acquiring the DevelopIntelligence, a software training company, to fast-track digital transformation. The company has also announced to make up-gradations in devOps, delivery, and its skills’ platforms.

Future Scope of the DevOps Industry

Developments related to the devOps sector are flourishing its growth and leading toward growing adoption of devOps practices by several industrial sectors. According to a report by Research Dive, the global devOps market  size is expected to reach up to $23,362.8 million by 2027; this is mainly due to rising demand for advanced technologies to optimize business operations. Moreover, integration of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in devOps practices are likely to deliver more scalable and reliable devOps platforms and solutions, which might bring in several growth opportunities for the growth of the global devOps market in the upcoming years.

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