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Global Bitumen Emulsifier Market to Experience Massive Growth with Rising Road Construction Activities

Roads serve as a bridge to connect areas and are essential for preserving commerce routes, boosting tourism, and establishing economies. The global expansion of road infrastructure and its influence on the environment require significant efforts to develop ecologically friendly and sustainable road materials. As a result, maintaining them is critical for any country to ensure that connectivity does not fail. The bitumen emulsifier is a vital component that aids in road building and maintenance.

Bitumen emulsifiers are chemicals added to bitumen to stabilize the bitumen slurry in water. These emulsifiers are surface-active substances that allow for water dilution. The addition of water makes it easier to use because the bitumen does not need to be heated before use. There are three different types of bitumen emulsifiers: anionic, cationic, and non-ionic. Anionic bitumen emulsifiers are based on the chemical reaction of fatty acids with bases like potash or caustic soda to produce salt. This salt functions as a powerful bitumen emulsifier. Cationic bitumen excipients are acid salts of amines derived from fatty acids. These compounds include quaternary ammonium salts, diamines, or ethoxylated derivatives. The global bitumen emulsifier market is expanding at a rapid pace due to improvements in the economic conditions, particularly in the construction industry, in emerging economies.

Newest Insights in the Bitumen Emulsifier Market

Government attempts in numerous countries to simplify the process of infrastructure development and increased rate of construction of roadways and highways have benefited from recent advancements in the field of bitumen emulsifiers. As per a report by Research Dive, the global bitumen emulsifier market is expected to surpass a revenue of $184.4 million in the 2022–2031 timeframe. The Asia-Pacific bitumen emulsifier market is expected to grow at a rapid pace in the coming years. This is because the region has a gigantic demand for bitumen emulsifiers owing to the growth of public infrastructure such as motorways, roads, and airports in the region.

How are Market Players Responding to the Rising Demand for Bitumen Emulsifier?

Market players are greatly investing in pioneering research and inventions to cater for the rising demand for bitumen emulsifier. Some of the foremost players in the bitumen emulsifier market are British Petroleum, Indian Oil Corporation, JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation, Chevron Texaco Corporation, Total S.A., Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Marathon Oil Company, Nynas AB, Opal Paints Products Pvt. Ltd., China Petrochemical Corporation, and others. These players are focused on planning and devising tactics such as mergers and acquisitions, collaborations, novel advances, and partnerships to reach a notable position in the global market.

For instance:

  • In July 2020, Indian Oil Corporation, a state-run oil business in India, formed a deal with Total Inc., a French oil and gas company, to produce high-quality bitumen derivatives and variants in order to meet the industry's expanding demand.
  • In June 2021, Arkema-Road Science, a prominent technological provider of binders, emulsifiers, additives, and system technologies, announced the sponsor of the 7th E&E Congress as well as the launch of a novel bitumen emulsifier for use in cold mix applications.
  • In October 2021, LUM GmbH, one of the leading producers for analytical devices for dispersion analysis and particle characterization, partnered with VIALAB SARL, a French company, to offer French customers enhanced expertise in solving their problems in the field of petroleum, bitumen, and related emulsions.

COVID-19 Impact on the Global Bitumen Emulsifier Market

The unpredicted rise of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 had adversely impacted the global bitumen emulsifier market. The coronavirus outbreak, which had a detrimental effect on the economy, put the entire world on high alert. Almost all sectors of the economy were temporarily shut down to prevent the virus from spreading. Due to this, several markets experienced a downturn, including the market for bitumen emulsifiers, which is essential for building and maintaining roadways. Roads are crucial for preserving trade routes, establishing an economy, connecting different locations, and boosting tourism. Several nations are taking all the necessary steps to maintain road conditions in order to keep these connections from breaking post-pandemic crisis. Thus, the bitumen emulsifier market is expected to expand in the post-COVID-19 period.

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