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Innovations in Specialty Water Treatment Chemical Market to provide clean water for human consumption

Water treatment applies to all procedures used before environmental processing, human use, or end-user to increase water purity. Physical methods and facilities for the treatment of water such as filtration, settlements, bioremediation, or microorganisms to handle or metabolize water pollutants and contaminants are used, or chemicals are used for water disinfection or coagulation and for the flocculation of water pollutants and contaminants.The Specialty Water Treatment Chemical Market products are the collection of chemicals and compounds used in different industries to plant water and water-based liquids. Specific water treatment processes are required because of the lack of water supplies and water bodies, which contributes to the recycling and treatment of water resources in specific industrial operations.

Market Drivers:

Growing demand for water and strict environmental rules control the growth of the sector. Whereas raising prices for raw materials is one of the market constraints. However, business prospects expand competition in emerging economies. Strict legislation submitted concerning water bodies’ pollution by different authorities and governments is expected to drive market development. The demand growth is expected to drive growing concerns about the scarcity of water bodies and water supplies for various end-uses. The rise of waterborne illness incidents would also fuel the market's rise. Industrialization and growth in multiple regions catalyse the market.

Key Developments in the Market:

Solenis and BASF SE confirmed the merger of BASF's "Paper & Water Chemicals business" and the Solenis business operations in January 2019. Solenis, with enhanced capacity to provide a wide range of industries with cost-efficient and cost-competitive solutions for pulp, paper, chemical, mining, power generating, oil & gas, municipal, biological, and other industries, can manage this joint enterprise activity. BASF will retain 49% of the joint enterprise, while Solenis owns 51% of the joint enterprise.

Competitive Analysis:

Global process chemicals are highly competitive for the water supply market, and major players have used different approaches to expand their presence in this sector, such as the launch of new products, acquisitions, alliances, Joint Ventures, Collaborations, purchases, or others. The study covers the market shares of Specialty Water Treatment Chemical Market globally is distributed among U.S., Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Russia, Rest of Europe, China, Japan, India, Australia, South Korea, Rest of Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East Africa, and the Rest of LAMEA water treatment industries.


Due to the growth of the manufacturing industry in the chemical industry and the rising demand for drinking water due to rapid industrialization, the need for Specialty Water Treatment Chemicals, particularly biocides and disinfectants, will increase. Biocides are widely used for cleaning water treatment plants. The best place to cultivate bacteria, algae, fungi, sulfate-reducing bacteria, and protozoa are in cold towers. Without monitoring their growth, they form a pulmonary layer, which acts as the natural adhesive surface for the forming of the scale, which should significantly increase the chemical treatment of water. It decreases the performance of the system, increases the risk of corrosion, and decreases water flow.The chemical products are widely used in hotels, spas, and swimming pools for refrigeration.

Future Trends:

In 2018, the Asia-Pacific Market was $9,621.5 million, and over the projected period, the CAGR is expected to rise by 5.0 percent. With the increase of people's living standards that have led to an increased demand for drinking water, the Asia-Pacific region will expand. The government's wastewater conservation initiative is also expected to boost the regional demand during the span of projection. According to a report by ResearchDive, the cumulative share of Asia-Pacific over the forecast period is expected to be the highest.Read on to know more…  

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