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Mass Transfer Equipment Market: Towards a Newer Height of Development

A Brief Introduction

Mass transfer is the movement of mass generally from one location such as phase, stream, fraction or component, to another. It has many processes of occurrence, such as evaporation, absorption, precipitation, membrane filtration, drying, crystallization and distillation.

Different scientific disciplines use mass transfer for executing different mechanisms and processes. The term ‘mass transfer’ is frequently used in the engineering scenario for physical processes. These processes comprise convective and diffusive transport of chemical species within physical systems.

The products used in mass transfer operations has been developed for the broad range of industrial sectors such as chemical and petrochemical industries.

Depending on the nature and the forces behind mass transfer, it has four basic types. They are:

(1) mass exchange between phases
(2) mass transfer in the turbulent flow
(3) mass transfer in laminar flow
(4) diffusion in a quiescent medium

The process of evaporation of water from a river or pond to the atmosphere, the refinement of blood in the liver and kidneys, and the purification of liquor are some of the most common examples of mass transfer. 

On the other hand, mass transfer procedures in the industrial processes include separation of chemical components in distillation columns, liquid-liquid extraction, absorbers such as scrubbers or stripping, and absorbers such as stimulated carbon beds. 

Often, mass transfer is mixed with additional transport processes, which include industrial cooling towers. By allowing hot water to flow in contact with the air, these cooling towers combine mass transfer with heat transfer. They cool the water by dismissing some of the content in the form of water vapor.

Factors Enhancing the Market Growth

Latest innovations in product development along with heavy investment of top players have increased the consumer demand of mass transfer equipment and thus furthering the market.

The increase in demand for sustainable and innovative mass transfer equipment solutions for critical operations of various industries, is one of the major factors for the massive growth of the mass transfer equipment market. 

Latest developments along with heavy investment on an economic and efficient solution for mass transfer are the other key factors that are driving the demand for the global market. For instance, the highly advanced schoepentoeter- plus is primarily suitable for feed that contain liquid and vapor. Also, this mass transfer equipment design offers clean liquid disengagement, minimal pressure drop and better vapor distribution.

Trends and Opportunities 

The next gen of mass transfer technology is going to impact the food and beverages industry in a significant way. This technology is used widely to preserve food quality and safety, to decrease food wastage and foodborne germs and illnesses with improved food shelf life. For example, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) depends upon the modification of the internal atmosphere by the product itself or by gas flushing or use of gas emitters or scavengers; this can be attained by mass transfer technology. In addition, mass transfer technology of the packaging material helps in to maintain optimal atmosphere in packaging. These mass transfer equipment market trends are anticipated to create lucrative opportunities in the global market.

Latest Developments

As per a recent report , the most significant players of the global mass transfer equipment market include Koch-Glitsch., Sulzer Ltd, Finepac Structures Pvt. Ltd., Beijing Zehua Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd., DtEC, MTE Group., Tianjin Univtech Co., Ltd., Munters Group, Baretti, and HAT International Ltd amongst many more. 

Mass transfer equipment market players are more emphasizing on Merger & acquisition and advanced product development. These are the frequent strategies followed by the established organizations, for instance, in 2019, Koch-Glitsch announced the acquisition with mass-transfer specialist Julius Montz GmbH. This acquisition will spread Koch-Glitsch’s presence across the globe by strengthening its portfolio of products and services.

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